Friday, March 25, 2005

The Big Ten Says Hello To The Elite Eight.....

This is a supposed "Down" year for the Big Ten Basketball Conference. Despite the many expert opinions proclaiming this, the Big Ten has three team in the Elite Eight. So, let me get this straight. Only Eight teams left in the NCAA Tournament out of 64. Three of those eight are from the Big Ten. All I can think is take your expert opinions Mr Experts and suck it!!

OK, from top to bottom the Big Ten had a "Down" regular season. However, their top three teams are as good as any top three teams in the country. Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan St can play with and beat the best. It can not be argued. Look at the facts staring you in the face. THREE OUT OF EIGHT!

Well, some cry that they have had an easy road to the Elite Eight. I say they can only play the team who is across the court from them. It aint Illini's fault that Boston College choked it against UW-Mil. Illini lost one game all year and deserved to be in the Midwest Region. They earned it. They have regular season wins over Wake Forest, Gonzaga, Cincinnati, Wisconsin, and Michigan St. Some of which were very impressive blowouts.

I hope Mr Experts keep being correct and this disappointing Big Ten Basketball Conference season keeps going the same way.

No workout stats as the Easter Holiday has me displaced. I am off to watch some more NCAA hoops. Later.

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