Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Wednesday Sucks A Fat One.........

So, it is Wednesday which is the middle of the work week. It is like half over, but half left. It is like the glass half full and the glass half empty. Wednesday has it both ways. Officially as of today, Wednesdays suck a fat one.

Yes, work sucked for me today. The freakin boss is out of town again and I got double duty for the price of single duty. Hey, I said duty and that is funny. Anyway, no one gives a rat ass about my work.

Man I just realized I got a potty mouth today. Sometimes it is just fun to run of a rant of potty mouth. I prefer phrases and not just single cuss words. Let me through some at you:

  • What are you, the President of the Cock Gobbling Ass Clown Society?
  • Go Fuck yourself and your moms.
  • Don't be a pole smoker.
  • How about you get a spoon and eat my ass?
  • Your moms got a Fat Ass too.
  • Nice shirt, now Fuck off.
  • Who let the Ass Bags out?

I am a big fan of Fuck. It is such a great word, but you have to be careful not to over use. When perfectly placed or timed "Fuck" can be very funny in all situations.

Hey, how freakin bad is the Blogger spell check? "How bad is it?" Since you asked it is so bad it doesn't recognize the word "Blog" or any version of it, like "blogging" "blogger" "bloggy bloggerton" and so on. That just don't seem right.

Oh yeah, Survivor Palua was on tonight. It just doesn't work for me on Wednesdays. See I think Wednesdays suck a fat one. However, Ulong lost immunity again, for the 6th straight time. They have 3 people left and the merge is now where in sight. At least they voted off James and we do not have to see That Redneck Monster flopping around any more.

Yes it is almost over hang in there. Best thing about today is that tomorrow is Thursday AND that means Fighting Illini Sweet Sixteen baby!! Get over to IlliniWonk and check out the additional post season awards they have been picking up. GO Illini!

The Illini face Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the Sweet 16 on Thursday at 6:27 pm cnt on CBS

I am out. Later.

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