Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Old Man Winter Still Messing With Me...

More Snow & Mud
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I made it out to Waterfall Glen this morning and found MUD and Snow?? I expected some mud but snow. I must have missed that snow storm? Anyway, I ride here because the limestone path is rideable in most condtions. Wet, Mud, Snow, you can ride it. I really want Spring to hurry up and thaw & dry Chicago's singletrack up so I can hit the fun stuff! For now it is limestone mud mixed with snow.

Ride Stats: Time 1 hour 3 minutes 32 seconds. Avg speed 6.6 mph with a max of 21.4 mph. Miles traveled were the entire loop, 10 miles.

I felt like I was really powering through the trail but my time was no better then last ride out there. My average speed was down too. However, my aches and pains are the same. Time to ice the knee.

Watched The Shield on TiVo this afternoon. A great cop drama on FX that I started watching last year. I love cable and the way they push the bar with these dramas. Check it out on FX Tuesday, 10pm eastern. You will love it.

Do NOT forget an all new episode of Survivor: Palau is on Tonight CBS 8pm eastern. I hear someone from each team goes home?

Later dudes.

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