Tuesday, March 08, 2005

One Is The Loneliest Number

It appears I was the only one to watch The Contender last night? Well, there might have been one or two more people tune in, but that was it. To bad for the rest of America because the premier was "Reality TV" at its best. So called real people manipulated by the master Mark Burnett to give us Forced Drama and Manufactured Emotions. People it is just TV and it is just darn entertaining. Episode two airs Thursday at 10pm eastern and I suggest America check it out. Don't make me come out and start the "SAVE The Contender March!"

American Idol, the girls turn, blew my arse compartment. That is right my dirty little arse. The good ones are too inconsistent and the bad ones are too consistent. They clearly have no fashion sense or common sense. I think it was the first singer who compared being on Idol with the other girls like being soldiers in war because they have bonded? WTF? Seen the news lately you dumb ass. How many Idol Dopes have died singing for freedom? 1500? Please spare us your brilliant thoughts and stick to "attempting" to sing on key. I say they vote them all off tomorrow and start the search again.

Workout Stats: Oh my legs are sore..........45 minutes on the spin bike with intervals. Why not an hour? I only wanted to do 30, so take that. Then some crunches and other abdominal work. Did I mention my legs are barking at me right now?

It is time. Out. Later.

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