Thursday, March 24, 2005


The Fighting Illini continue there March to the Arch tonight against UW-Mil. Who the heck is UW-Mil? Some crappy Mid Major team with a sleazy bag coach who once claimed Illinois tried to bribe top recruit Deon Thomas with cash and a Chevy Blazer? His allegations launched a NCAA investigation into Illinois that resulted in no major penalties. A Chevy Blazer? That is all a Big Ten money making machine could offer?

I don't think much of UW-Mil as you can see. Every year some Mid Major nobody makes it to the Sweet Sixteen then takes a dump against the big boys. Hopefully this trend continues and Illinois moves on to the Elite Eight Games on Saturday.

Tonight's game is 6:30 central time on CBS. It will be offered in High Definition for those who have the capabilities to receive such signals. Yeah, that would be me.

Workout Stats........................Yeah, about that. I have taken yesterday and today off. Tomorrow is a Work Holiday for me so I likely will get really loaded tonight and not be able to workout Friday. Then we got the Easter Holiday which requires some travel on my part which will greatly reduce the workout possibilities. Uhm, it doesn't look good for me.

Ok, I am home early from work and off for a Coke With Lime You Nut and a DVD. I will be viewing SAW if I can let the damn internet go for about two hours.

GO ILLINI!!!!!!!!!

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