Sunday, December 28, 2008

doing it right?

i love this show. i was bummed that its final season was cut short, done wrong, completely ignored and totally ruined by a writers strike and NBC big wigs. well, the gang is back on ABC to give its fans a proper send off and i am looking forward to it.

remember, no matter what troubles you, everything comes down to poo.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year!

i have been enjoying some time off work, the net, and things.

i have been enjoying relatives stopping by for a stay, a trip downtown to State Street in zero degree weather, lots-o-beers, Chicago Pizza eat-a-thon and Rock Band'ing it until 2am.

best holiday wishes to everyone!!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

how old am i ?

who knew the home dreadmill could double as a stage? rock band on dudes. later.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mixed Message

i forget, which one should i take before my 5 miler?

Friday, December 12, 2008


i am not sure where this deep hate comes from, but it is real. i can't stand Oprah Winfrey.

hey Oprah, you aint like everyone else and you are fat because you have no self control. you can keep your medical excuses and fancy diets and shove them up that 200 pound arse of yours.

why is this news? why am i wasting my time on it? why do i dislike her so? why? why? why?


Happy Festivus.


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

on your mark, get set........EAT

done with last week and on to this week. the next two weeks will be holiday binging at its finest, and/or lowest (?). in my line of work, people take me out and send things to our office. some good. some really good. some bad. some really bad. yet, we partake in them all.

today it was the Office Christmas lunch at Maggiano's Little Italy. this place is not my favorite, but that didn't stop me from stuffing my face. the tripple chocolate cake was delicious. no cocktails at this lunch though as the company frowns on it. stupid upper management.

Thursday it is lunch at The Capital Grill. this will be one of those all day steak and wine lunches. a week later i will be downtown Chicago at Smith & Wollensky for another all day'er. in between these two we will have stuff catered in and/or sent to us for munchies. the secretary staff normally whips up some (uh a lot) treats to bring in. it is just a holiday binge extravaganza.

oh heck, i almost forgot we have the Family Festivus this weekend. i am sure the red and green jello shots will be a plenty.

burping up Baked Ziti & Sausage while running on the home dreadmill was interesting tonight.

ok, Happy Holiday Binging to all and everyone!! later.

Friday, December 05, 2008

H-E-Double Hockey Sticks Week

anyone play high school foozeball? you recall hell week? well it was, maybe even still is, two-a-days in 100 degree heat with no water and kids puking in their helmets. all for the glory of high school football.

anyway, the first week of December is like that at my work place. yes, i mean like HELL. without boring you let me just say it is the nature of the beast.

good thing is my iPhone is telling me today is Friday. lunch time on Friday to be exact. praise be all that is Friday.

not much else going on. it is really cold and there is snow on the ground. i already hate my treadmill and the bike trainer. i see a Tripple Grande Non Fat Pepperment Mocha Twist in my immediate future. i will probably drink too much red wine tonight and post something stupid over at and/or Facebook.

TGIF and later.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

eat, drink, and be turkey...

turkey for you. turkey for me. i would eat turkey out of big brown shoe.

just don't eat too much. i mean, unless you know the person who owns the shoe.

i got clearance from the tower to bring cycling paraphernalia to the In-Laws since projected temps down there are nearing 50 for our stay.

i have no cycling fitness, but will surely ride myself into the ground. good times.

i only had to be told once.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Weekend Prep


Holiday Creamer....Check

Wine In A Box....................Check.


sent from my iPhone.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ready set go

Can you say 2009 RTR?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

back to back to back....?

nope. no 10k this weekend. i did run today and i learned a valuable lesson;

cold + wind + hangover = horrible effort.

at least i know now.
ate a huge lunch at the Cheesecake Factory today. it was yummy.
if you want to be fooled into thinking the state of the economy is good head over to your local Apple store.

Friday, November 14, 2008


that is all.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

back to back

rumbled through another 10K race this morning. in the six days since my last 10K effort i got faster, maybe. maybe not, but here is the recap.

i woke up. the weather was complete crap. it was cold, windy, drizzle'ie, and cold. i was set to run this one solo as my two running buddies were still in recovery mode from last weekends 10k. of course, there would about 500 other folks there for me to chit chat with.

going in i had no expectations. i was bummed not to get a sub 50 minute effort last weekend. that course was fast,the weather was perfect, and my legs were solid. i just never got on pace or found my groove. i think i actually went out to slow last weekend as i overcompensated for the fast course and my concern for going to fast. figures.

so, no expectations and around mile 1 i was good with this. i didn't feel like running at all. then, about mile 1.5 i found my pacer. a little rabbit to follow. she (of course, what fun is it having a male rabbit) seemed to be running well at 7:40 mile pace. i really got into a nice rhythm running next to her.

this course is an out an back. at the turn around point (3.1 miles) we were running well and on a solid pace. i was putting forth an effort, but felt like running, so it was good. then bam, the wind smacked us in the face. it was like hitting a wall. at that point, i did what i normally do when the going gets tough, took the lead.

she tucked nicely behind me, in fact closer then Psimet even tucks in, and i powered us through the wind. miles 4 and 5 were slower, but not by much. i could here another runner latch on and say to her, "Hey, you got the right idea." i couldn't responds as i could barely breath. around mile 5 she came out just a bit to say thank you then quickly tucked back in.

as we approached the finish the shoe sucker was encouraging me to finish fast and not let him pass me since i did all the work. i did, but man was i gassed. so much so i forgot to stop Mr. Garmin until several minutes after my actual finish. we chatted afterwards and they both thanked me again, which was a bit odd for me. i made sure to inform my lady rabbit that she helped me the first half by getting me on a fast pace.

unofficially it was 48:47. i got my sub 50 10k. not to shabby for a roadie.

HR 173 avg / 180 max



edit: official time 48:50. 64th out of 246. 10th out of 26 in mens 35 to 39 age group.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tis The Season?

seems a bit early, but i do love the red cup rollout. later.

sent from my iPhone.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


note to self; self DO NOT purchase two iPhones at 9pm the night before a 10k running race. i was up pretty late playing with my new toys.

the Canal Connection in lovely Utica, IL really was a great race. it is pretty much all downhill along the Illinois River. i ran this with two buddies who i have been best friends with for 25 years.

i smoked them in case you were wondering.

i didn't have enough miles and/or fitness to run sub 5o minutes like i wanted to. being sick and tired might have contributed to that too. around the half way point i was at least 40 seconds off sub 50 pace. at mile 4.5 i just decided to go go and finished with some sub 8 minute miles.

in the end it was 10k in 50:19 for an 8 min 06 second pace. that put me 175 out of 533 and 15 out of 31 in the men 35 to 39 age group.

the legs felt really good, but i just didn't have enough miles in me to run at a faster pace. however, i am good with this effort.

now, back to my iPhone playing. later.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


i went out for coffee and came back with these. hers and his, of course. later.

10k prep ?

so, today in preparation for running a 10k race tomorrow i rode my bike for the first time in two weeks. yeah i know, WTF?

i got notice yesterday from the Psi that he and a couple other Bicycle Heaven Riders were planning a ride for this morning. plus, the Lazy Goat was coming out of hiding and it was rumored to be decent weather wise. how could i not show.

it was good to be back on the bike and riding with a group. just four of us, but it's November and this time of the year 4 riders equal a group. despite my rapidly declining fitness the effort was decent and just what i needed. next season, i think Bicycle Heaven would be a great place for some Saturday group rides.

tomorrow is 10k race day. i am running with two friends. the same two who talked me into the 07 Chicago Marathon then dropped out (maybe i should let that go? :) ) and the same two who ran the Soldier Field 10 mile race with me back in May. i think we are all battling with some issues from under training (not me), injury (not me), sickness (not me) and all the above (me me me). however, the run is in Utica so at least i get to see some Fall foliage.

speaking of running. i know these two dudes who dabble a bit. they bad mouth running somewhat, but i think they see its benefits. they could and should run some type of race with me this Fall. for a measly $18 bucks they could run the Oswego Gobble Hobbler 10k next weekend. it is flat and fast. if you preregister you get a lovely commemorative long sleeve shirt. maybe they are scared of all you runners? i don't know??


Friday, October 31, 2008

crabby pants....

when did he take over this blog?

anyway, i may ride my bike tomorrow, despite it being the First Day of November.

someone stole my iPod Nano, so I may get an iPhone. apples to oranges, i know.

i have a 10k race on Sunday, but I will likely destroy my legs on Saturday, if i ride. i know, such is life.

i have had 2009 RTR fever since September. Some folks are just joining that game.

i think i may hit a PR today with 21 mini snickers and counting.............

that is all.

Monday, October 27, 2008

35 and counting....

no birthday mile run or 35 mile ride today. just crap work. crap cold weather. crap snow flurries. crap crap crap crap crap crap.......until i got home.

my little girl all of 3 years old made me the most perfect card and the wife picked me up some reading material. just what i needed, a pick me up from the people who count the most, my family. thank you!

Friday, October 24, 2008

a run. a movie. a beers.
equals less funk.
skinny bing aint got nothing on me :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

its cold. its rainy. its dark at 5pm. i am turning 35 very soon. work is effecting my running schedule. i am aham23 and i am in a crabby funk.

i guess it's better then being this guy.

that is all.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


not a bad number to end the season on. there could be one more (pretty please) ride, but if not i had a great year and that mileage represents a Personal Best by 500.

next up for me is some running. no, not running with my bike like this fool. i mean, look at his face, does it look like he is having fun?!@?! :)

anyway, i got one 5k race in the books and two 10ks coming up. the 10ks are back to back weekends. as i ramp up the running i find myself enjoying it. dont tell my cycling friends. it would be nice to get back to some 20 to 25 mile weeks by late November.

i dont want to get too crazy with the running though. if the IT Bands give me any issues i will shut it down. i got some serious training to get started with come the new year. you hear that Mr Lazy Goat???


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Falling Fast

the cycling season is coming to an end (for me at least). we have had a couple of super nice Fall days recently and many BF'ers have been out enjoying them. me not so much. my lack of late season great weather enjoyment resulted in some Fall Envy. this ride, report and pictures resulted.

everyone has been out enjoying the great Fall weather, taking pictures, and posting their ride stories to BF. it has been pissing me off. i have been sick and working like a dog for the man. yet, i keep seeing these great pictorials of scenic rolling landscapes and Fall foliage.

today i attempt to balance out the equation. i am feeling better, the weather is decent for the Midwest in October at 60 degrees, sunny & 5 mph winds. so, like any hard working middle class American i skip out on work. well, i go to lunch and never come back.

this was the result.


some trees

a horse

farm stuff

my riding partner

the fred shot

peace out yo.

Monday, October 13, 2008

i love it....

when a plan comes together.

not much going on with me lately. the work day is getting longer while the day light gets shorter. that means less riding for this roadie. the quantity is down, but the quality is up.

this past Saturday was the Local Bike Shop (LBS) group ride. now, this is the "B" group ride, but we normally finish with and average between 19 and 22 mph. not the entire group, but four or five of us will shoot off the front and have a little fun.

this past effort was interesting. it was a little brisk at the start and maybe that scared off some of the skinny fast dudes. around mile 8ish i was lounging in the back not really feeling it. i even had a couple riders ask me if i was lost and why was i at the back? then i get another cue when some takes off the front.

three of us road off the front for a couple miles before easing up and back into the group. in all honesty i was feeling a bit under the weather and even mentioned that to the other two. at mile 16 we go off again. this time four of us are chasing down a rider up ahead. you know, the rabbit. the pace is being pushed by mr tri guy and is every bit of 25 mph. apparently catching the rabbit was the goal. we did just that then everyone, but me and the rabbit, went snap, crackle, pop.

turns out the rabbit was a normal participant of the same LBS's "A" group ride, but got a late start to his morning and missed that group. we cruised for 8 miles together before parting ways. side by side at a decent pace for me. for him, he was chatting away like it was a stroll in the park. i think he just wanted some company so he tolerated my slowness.

i rolled into the parking lot first. i got some odd looks and questions when the rest of the lead pack finished up.

"so, you feeling better?"
"can i have your autograph?"
"hey a-hole i thought you were sick?"

yep, with this group, i am that guy.

the ride was 38 miles. that very 38 miles put me over the top. i am now a very pround member of the 3000 club (3018 and counting!! )

peace out yo.

Friday, October 10, 2008

run CHICAGO run...

good luck all my running friends participating in the 2008 Chicago Marathon. you have worked your arse off all summer. through the heat, the blood, the sweat, the tears, and the tears!!

remember it is about the journey not the destination. look around and enjoy things a bit no matter how hot it gets, or doesnt :)

peace out yo.

Monday, October 06, 2008


sometimes you need a little kanye & kelly to get you through it. sometimes you dont.

saturday, it was 37 degrees when i rolled out on the bike for the EndureIt Sports group ride. 55 miles later i rolled back in. no kanye or kelly was needed.

sunday, it was cold and overcast when i rolled out for a little 4 mile run. there was rain. there was pain. i may have cried just a bit. kelly got me rolling, but kanye brought it home.

this may be the greatest "running" song i have ever heard. try it. peace out.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

fun run

easy 2007 Chicago Marathon participants. i am not drudging up that wicked past.

i have not been running much, but decided to go ahead and log the first race of "my" running season. despite being preregistered i almost skipped my local 5k for two reasons; under trained and the Giant looking oh so said and lonely in the garage.

top it all off with a hard 38 miles on the bike the previous day and a robust Greek dinner and a bottle of wine while movie watching and i was in full on sabotage mode.

the 5k distance didn't worry me. the speed needed to run a 5k did. sure, i could go out and take the run easy, but i rarely do that. i knew i would try to run it fast (for me) and that could put me and my IT Bands in harms way. nothing would have pissed me off more if i had to shut things down due to the 5k need for speed.

i managed my way through the race. it had a large turnout of 700 runners. i like to start near the front to avoid all the potential drama of running a race like this with large numbers. for the life of me i can't figure out why they let kids and others who clearly will be walking part of the run line up at the front.

anyway, i went out fast. way too fast, but i wanted to get ahead of pack drama. a teenage kid next to me went down when he was tripped from behind. maybe someone was trying to tell him something. at mile one my legs were good, but my Pastichio was sloshing from left to right in a pit of Red Guitar. good times.

i logged positive splits (that ain't good my cycling friends), but hit my goal of finishing under 24 minutes. official time was 23:27. this put me 114th out of 714 and 10th out of 50 in the 30 to 34 male age group. slower then last year, but faster then my first year.

i was pretty tight and sore on Monday, which had me running to the massage therapist. i highly recommend them to anyone who puts their body in spots of bothers like i do. i was back on the road running an easy 3.5 miles today.

next up is a couple 10Ks in early November. i would like to log another couple 5Ks too with one in October and another in late November. oh yeah, i need 107 more miles on the bike for 3000. totally going to knock that out soon. very soon. this weekend soon. anyone want to ride?

peace out.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

cant shake it....

the image has been in my head all day.....

i did a local bike shop group ride this morning. this is a pretty peppy ride normally coming in at 20 mph or faster. just not much attacking or sprinting.

around mile 20 we were hitting it pretty hard. i was off the front with two others when a female rider went down hard. we set up just a bit to clarify directions, she was just behind me and her front wheel turned on her. she went over the bars and face planted. it was horrific looking and sounding. the ass of the bike flying up and her torso crashing down............

she was riding a full on tri set up (Cervelo) and no one is really sure what happened. the way the front wheel turned on her she could have it the brake? hand slipped and turned it? something happened? the road was smooth as butter and the bike looked fine post crash. maybe just a lapse in concentration? i really dont know.

she managed to get to the shoulder on her own. there was lots of blood. paramedics stated she had a fractured jaw. it was nasty and really shook us up. i wish her the best.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


this band signifies an important time in my life. a time of transition for me. a time for change. for that reason it was important to me. i don't care what anyone else thinks about the band or its perceived meaning. to each his own and i would never presume to judge their reasons.
two years after putting it on it broke. in a horrific cycling crash? no. it broke while playing with my 3 year old daughter. i cant think of a better way for it to have happened.
peace out.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pics, cause it happened....

the gang

me and my hammer.

post ride chitter chatter HERE.

peace out.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

the good and the bad...

i rode my bike today. i rode it pretty well. i didn't have it, but i managed my way through the 67 miles and hung with the lead group. i found myself in a spot of bother once or twice that is for sure. mad thanks to Shider, ColorChange, and CyLowe for keeping me with the group that first loop. those boys were flying down the road and i was a wheel sucking king.

you know, it is easy to ride when everything is clicking. when the training, the legs, the bike and the weather all just come together. what fun is that though. i am cyclist and i enjoy a little suffering. i enjoy seeing how i respond to it. i really wanted to drop off the lead group on the second loop, but didn't. i kept thinking, just hold the wheel, take your pull, and get to the back. it hurt and i enjoyed every bit of it. man, i got issues.

i didn't have time for the full 100, but it was 67 miles at a 21 mph average.

Psimet did a great job organizing this ride. riding with the BFNIC Gang is always a blast.

this ride was the good. my self loathing was the bad. it is not me and i have been forbidden from attempting it ever again.

peace out.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

self loathing....

i am not a big time self loather, but being off the bike for 7 days with a my seasons last big organized ride coming up has me thinking i should give it a go.

first, i want to ride my bike. i am not sure i remember how. i hurt my left hammy and knee running this past weekend. i have been eating like i am training for a marathon, which this year i am not. i am out of form, out of shape, fat, injured, and in no way ready to roll for 100 miles this Saturday.

such is my life. always stuck in the middle of the A and B groups.

how did i do?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Running Love..

i had to run this weekend. i like running, but i am not ready for the transformation yet. these legs of mine still have some cycling goals to reach before closing the book on my 2008 season. luckily, it seems after three days of rain we are free of it in the Chicagoland Area for a while.

cardiovascular wise i felt like i could run all day. well, most of the day. OK, maybe an hour. with me the key is how the IT and Hamstring hold up. will that left leg fall off or not? it is tight, but i still have it with me. so that is good.

preparing for the upcoming Psimet Cycling Invitational could be tough this week. the shorter days and cold temps aside, i got this work thing going on that wants to suck all my free time. damn you work thing. i may just roll into the ride with some 12 days off the bike. of course, i will still bring my hammers.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

baby got a new pair of shoes..

just as we enter the last portion of the season, my Giant is ready to roll. the mad mechanic finished up my wheels last weekend. i took them out for a spin this morning. me likes them. they are lighter, stiff, and more responsive then my original set. i didn't even think i would notice a difference, but i did.

add in my the new compact crank, fancy red cable housing, and new Ultegra pedals and the Giant has had a nice makeover this year. peace out.

edit for the specs: Formula RB hubs (Speedcific branded) with Kinlin 30mm rims. Front 24h radial with DT Revs. Rear 28h 2X NDS DT revs, 1X DS DT comps.Weigh in at exactly 1550g for the set without skewers, tape.

Monday, September 08, 2008

that ride...

every year there is always one ride where it all seems to come together. you know, the weather conditions, the mind, the body, and the bike all just click together. i am not looking to prematurely end my season, but Saturday's ride was that ride.

i decided to be crazy, get up at 4:50 am, and head up North for the Spin Doctor's Saturday group ride. this is a well established club known for serious riding with speed. ColorChange, from BikeForums, is a memeber and does this ride every week. i was also meeting up with Psimet for the ride AND to pick up the my long awaited new wheel set.

i was out the door at 5:20 am and arrived at my destination in S. Elgin just prior to the stated 6:15 am roll out. the group was smaller (7 or 8 total) then i anticipated with Psimet and I being the only non members. we rolled out at 6:20 am.

i was told this ride is fast. a club training ride is a bit different then a normal Saturday stroll in the park. it is a bit hardcore with pacelines, designated sprints, attacking, bridging gaps, and so on. i was a bit nervous at first as i am a notorious slow starter. i held my on the first 20 miles. i took some pulls, short ones, but i did my part. i didn't want to blow up......too early.

around mile 18 we took a quick natural break. at this point they were stating that this was the fastest first leg they had done all year. interesting i thought. the two new guys must be doing something right.

after the stop the effort picked up. there was a designated sprint that i took no part in. i was not aware it was coming which left me positioned too far back. the next pull i took put me in a little pain. i pulled too long. in fact, just as i was getting ready to move over and back, the group flew around me on the left. lesson learned for me. get your arse off the front before blowing up.

i should note that during the second leg i had a brush with a motorist. i was left of the paceline working my way to the back after a pull. instantaneously, i hear car back and bet buzzed by a Mustang. he was flying down the road close to 50 or 60 mph. everyone else was pretty pissed about this. it was close, but it was so fast that it didn't really shake me up. later Psimet stated he thought he was going to have to make a call to my wife and that the driver actually swerved toward me.

back to that ride. i ended the ride strong. i was able to chase down a few attacks, grab a wheel or two of some attackers, and finish the ride out front with one other rider. i didn't have superhuman legs and the effort hurt like heck at times, but i rode well. plus, i had a ton-o- fun riding with this group. i even think i got yelled at?!?@!

as i rolled back into town with the attacker (my just made up nickname for him) he stated we were at 22.3 mph average for the ride. the fastest they had done that ride all year. the two new guys did indeed hold there own. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

Final Stats show it was a very zesty effort for 50 miles at a 22 mph average pace.

lately i have been a mileage whore. i hit the wall at the end of July chasing 700 miles. i turned myself inside out getting that very number in August. it is very satisfying to see the benefits of those miles and efforts. for a bit there i was just stuck in the mud.


Sunday, August 31, 2008


i am about to pop open some beers. i expect a congratulatory phone call from Pat any minute now. later.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

im not saying. im just saying.

i once dreamed of being granted membership into a certain club. i thought my acceptance into the club was a stone cold lock, a done deal, a sure freaking thing. then something took place. something smacked me in the pie hole.

since the smack down i have not spoken of these events or the club. i have ridden 674.8 miles to date in the month of August. tomorrow is the last day of August. i plan to ride my bike tomorrow. i am not sure, but maybe 25.2 miles sounds good.

that is all.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i said stop me....

i love cake. next, i love ice cream. after that it is pizza.

this past weekend was the princess party for my little princess who turned three. we had, well, princesses, gourmet cake, and pizza. as usual, someone (pointing the finger at my lovely wife) ordered way too much. we had leftovers galore, cake and pizza, not princesses.

as a group cyclist and runners are some fit folks. when compared to the general public here in the States we are down right skinny, healthy, sexy people. you know it's true. as a group we are also a bit odd. it doesn't take much to make me feel like a fatty patty. it could be two days off, a night of binge drinking, a visit to Taco Bell, and so on.

where was i? oh yes, cake and pizza. for three days straight i have eaten pizza and cake for every meal. EVERY meal i said. it had to stop. so, last night i tossed out the remainder of the pizza, which was about 1/3 of a large. i took care of the last pieces of cake too. alright, i ate the rest of the cake. did you see the cake? think of the best damn wedding cake you have ever had and times that by 10. plus, it was like $80 bucks, you can't just throw it away.

next year we need ice cream to go with the cake.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

that's gonna leave a mark....

8:23 ride time / 9:38 total time.

131 miles

15.6 mph avg - 51 mph max

134 avg HR - 172 max HR

**edit: finished 14 out of 63 riders who completed the 200k (and then some) route. with a little hill specific training and shorter rest stops i could be a pretty good climber. :) later.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Double Ds

the Dairyland Dare is this Saturday. this is my first time doing this ride. i have done hilly rides before; the 2007 HHH (200k & 12000 feet of climbing) and a couple trips to Cross Plains, WI this season (62 miles & 6000 feet of climbing), but saying "before" is the problem.

the DD 200k is advertised to bring 133 miles and 14,988 feet of climbing. it is suppose to be relentless. short and steep all day long. nothing of significant length, but did i mention short and steep. i am guessing 10% to 15% inclines will be slapping me in the face all day.

the thing is i have not done any hill training or hilly ride of significance since June 29th. my area is flatter then flat. corn field flat. sod growing flat. flat as the rear tire on my last ride flat.

i am in trouble. it will hurt for sure.

that being said there are still open spots for this ride. get over to the DD site, register, and get your butt to Dodgeville, WI for some fun with the BFNIC gang. fun being left open to interpretation of course.


Monday, August 11, 2008

the hurt box....

a couple weeks ago Psimet asked me if i would be interested in a bit of racing. not the hardcore Criterium style, but a 50K 2 man time trial. the BFNIC has the racing bug for sure. a lot of the group can be found hammering out 20 mph midweek rides or 25 mph crits on the weekend. feeling a need to change things up i said for sure.

a 50K all effort is no joke. even with a partner it was still 31 miles of serious suffering. you don't get to ease into this kind of effort. it's go go go go go go go from the start. i knew this going in and was mentally prepared for it. physically, the legs were not as fresh as they could have been. i rode 38 rolling miles on Saturday around the Starved Rock State Park area. plus, i have been battling some dead legs lately. so, i knew i needed to get things warmed up before toeing the line.

our start time was 9:21 and guess what, i didn't get warmed up enough. the course was a 15 mile loop. it was an instant struggle for me. i found it hard to hold Psimet's wheel. i wasn't far off it, but i needed to be inches from it since he was in full TT gear/setup and i was rolling my normal roadie gear/setup. the legs were screaming at me; "Why didn't you warm us up!!!!" i hit my max heart rate of 183 bpm at mile five!!

Psimet was strong. he instantly took to tracking our pulls and barking out at 1 minute intervals to rotate. i knew he would do this and it was a solid plan. i felt a bit bad that first loop. a couple times i dropped off his wheel. he would finish his pull and look for me to take my turn. having to close that small gap to take my pull cost us time. add in the fact that i was surging to the front and we had a bit of a yo yo effect going on that made it hard for us to find a rhythm.

the more and more i ride i realize that i may be a better distance rider then speed demon. as we started lap 2 i felt better. the legs were still burning, but i was able to hold the wheel and take better pulls.

that last lap was fun. we suffered into the wind and up some rollers heading back West. prior to making the last right turn for the final 3 miles i was hurting real good. i was planning to pull off and let Psimet power us in. however, we made that turn and what did i see???? four riders up ahead. it was the dangling carrot. i didn't stop pulling until we chased them down. Psimet then took the lead and powered us home. i fell about 2 bike lengths off his wheel, but was standing, sprinting, and giving it what i had left.

we don't have the official times yet, but Garmin had me at 1 hr 23 minutes, 22.3 average mph, and a 167 average heart rate. i think this is my fastest ride and highest average HR to date. even on hard efforts i rarely spend prolonged time in Zone 4 (80%-90%), but i was in that zone for 27 miles of this ride. no wonder it hurt so good.

so, i have raced this season. next up is the Dairyland Dare 200k and 12,000 feet of climbing. different kind of ride, but same hurt box. good times.

Race Stats


Friday, August 01, 2008

652 Club....

or not. after running my mouth about knocking out 700 cycling miles for July i hit the wall. not the wall, just something more like a knee wall. mentally and physically i am tired. it is an odd tired though. doesn't feel like the late season cycling burnout.

i just cant party like it's 1999.

with four off days behind me i still aint right, but better. i can feel the IT Band trying to sneak up and bite me. damn you 2007 Chicago Marathon! i see more stretching and a new foam roller in my future.

all the crying aside, i will be back on the bike today, tomorrow and the next. it is what i do when i can do it.

July Rides: 15
Avg. AHR: 128.7
Total Time: 35:43:08
Avg. Speed: 18.3 MPH
Total Distance: 651.9 Mi
Total Cal. Burned: 32110


Monday, July 28, 2008

21 or 35 ?

ouch. that one is going to leave a mark. two days later and i think i may still be slightly drunk??

another summer and another Jimmy Buffett Concert has come and gone. it was a new venue this year, Toyota Park in Bridgeview. nice stadium park, but i much prefer the tailgating and lawn section at the old WhatEverItsBeingCalledNow Amphithere in Tinley Park.

they really had them packed in like canned sardines.

the concert was, well, Jimmy Buffett. he did his thing and we did our thing. he tossed a nugget or two, with playing Last Mango in Paris being the best.

this year i think i went a little to far. i would like to offer up my official apology to any and all that my drunken actions offended.

aham23 is sorry.

sorry to you, mr coconut bra man for asking your manbra size. sorry to you mrs school teacher grass skirt wearing lady for suggesting we get drunk and screw. i am not 21 anymore, that is for sure.

finally, i am on day two of a planned 4 day break. the JB Induced Coma and some nagging aches and pain are really dragging me down.


Friday, July 25, 2008

wasted away again...

my speak of such an excellent cycling month has seemingly upset the cycling Gods. no, not Lance Armstrong, but the ones who control the cycling universe. they dish out pain & suffering. they keep a roadie in his place.

i have been dragging some serious arse the last two days. i know, TWO DAYS, can you believe it. normally i have to be tied up, drugged and taken on a forced vacation to see two consecutive off days. the 700 Club and title of July Mileage Whore may have to wait???

plus, i got some other things going on this weekend. it is that time of summer again. first, it is my 10 year anniversary. i love you baby!!

let's get drunk and screw!

you guessed is that wonderful time of the year when Jimmy Buffett makes his return to the Chicago Area. someone i know is a big fan and we go every summer. sometimes we go twice. the party scene at his concert is crazy fun. so, i go and we party like it is 1996 and we are at a Phish Concert.


Monday, July 21, 2008

700 Club

July is shaping up rather nicely for me.

if the family, the weather, the man, and the body cooperate i just may top 700 miles for the month. just may, but you never know.

to date i have 11 rides for 530 miles at a 18.4 mph pace. distance is good, but i need to be faster. want to be faster. must get faster. i like going fast.


Friday, July 18, 2008

A Picture Is Worth............

.....a 130 pounds.


june 2007

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

RAIN. the pictures....

happy campers at 6am getting ready to head over to the start.

should the sky be this dark at 7am?


Monday, July 14, 2008

RAIN. the report....

first, much thanks to Team Psimet for guiding us to and from RAIN via the Starship Psimet. Mrs Psi and Little Psi were troopers and provided us excellent SAG. it was much appreciated.

this was my third RAIN. while my mileage was about the same as last year, i think the training & riding efforts have been better, so i was feeling good going into the 160 journey.

we woke up early to some nasty looking skies. very dark with consistent bright flashes of lightning. rain at RAIN....i thought....this should be fun. we arrived at the start early and got a nice spot near the line. eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die. with the start of RAIN the rain started.

miles 0-40:
fast & flats. twitchy & itchy. we were rolling with the lead group. riders were flatting left and right. to my right Psimet. to my left it NVR (hey, anyone seen NVR?). shortly after Psimet flatted i decided to drop to the back of the lead pack. despite the conditions (you know, the obvious need to take it easy) riders were all over the road and very impatient. i felt like this could get ugly and wanted none of it. i hung on to the back of the fast pack until mile 25. it was just time to get real and slow it down a bit. this was about the time the rain stopped. the skies remained ominous though. i rolled solo into the 1st stop.

miles 40-60:
we rolled out fully loaded (me, Psi, JT1, Scummer, & Voldemort). the sun was coming out and one could feel the heat & humidity rising. it was going to be very muggy. we pretty much stuck together during this stretch. it was these miles where Psi admitted he was hurting. maybe we shouldn't have rushed him out of the 1st stop :innocent:.

miles 60-90:
rolling into and around Indy we could see a lot of standing water and flooding. we just missed some nasty weather for sure. this section was fun. Scummer power pulled, then went off roading, then more power pulling, then a flat. i rode into lunch slightly ahead of our group. like last year i was really needing the break...........and Oreo cookies.

miles 90-130:
Oreo cookie power. after one samich and 12 Oreo cookies i departed the lunch stop solo. like Psi mentioned this always seem to be the toughest stretch. you pass the 100 mile mark, but realize you have 3 hours to go. the heat and humidity of the day are peaking. it just gets nasty. a couple things kept me going; i hit the century mark at 4 hours 53 minutes, a sub 5 hour 100 & my fastest ever. looking for and dreaming of route 40 kept me going. searching the DMB catalogue in my head for that song Psi & i sang at the rollout, kept me going.

miles 130-160: I can ride my bike with no handlebars. No handlebars. No handlebars.
the pain cave was sucking me in as i rolled into the last rest stop. most of the riders there appeared to be in the same fashion. i didn't stay long. i didn't eat much. i did snag a brown sugar poptart for the car ride home!
i pretty much rode the second half of this ride solo. only getting passed by 2 riders. around 150 i started computer watching. "damn you Garmin Edge, click those freaking miles off already." at mile 158 a lady blew past me on the descent into Richmond. i had passed her group just prior. i thought good for her. no i didn't. i jumped on it and descended into town catching her as she celebrated prematurely. i didn't take the foot off the gas until the turn to the finish line. i got issues.

Eat, drink, and be merry.
For tomorrow we die.
Eat, drink, and be merry.
For tomorrow we die.
'Cause we're Tripping Billies.

my third RAIN was epic. they all have been in some way or the other. from first timer, to perfect conditions, to the pain cave. i will be back next year.

congrats to everyone. way to fight the mind and body Psimet..................AND WIN.

MB Edge Stats

my ride time = 7h 55min for a 20.2 mph avg.
total time was just over 9 hours.

*edit* unofficial slash official time is 9 hours 3 minutes. that puts me 151 out of 911 finishers.


Friday, July 11, 2008


one way. one day. 160 miles.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Holiday Resting.....

i think not. time off from work means more time on the bike.

last weekends poor effort up in the hills of Wisconsin had me bumming. then i couldn't get out Wednesday or Thursday for any rides and i was pouting. i started checking stats from last year and this year to date. it seemed i was no better and no worse. flat lined.

on the 4th i did the JBC Metric. a 62 mile ride, but i decided to ride to the ride as it was local. the legs were good. i was at the front and off the front all day. into the wind i was very strong. it was a totally flat and fast ride, but the wind was a bit nasty. i finished the ride faster then last year. just what the doctor ordered.

after 140 miles this weekend (180 this week), late nights & holiday cheer, i am tired. i still need to find a way to change things up and advance my cycling abilities. some fast group rides. more climbing. more time trial type efforts. intervals. racing(?).

one way, one day, 160 miles, is next Saturday. it should be fast and furious.


Monday, June 30, 2008

calm and steady....

after yesterdays 63 miles with 6400 feet of climbing i have decided that my climbing needs more work. trying to follow The Goat on this route of his further drove home the fact.

i was all over the bike on these climbs. wasting way to much energy and effort. i was up. i was down. i was rocking. i was grunting. i was spitting. i was suffering. i was like that muscle guy at your local gym using the free weights while sounding like a heard of elephants. no one wants to work out next to that guy.

it all can be corrected. i will follow and study and practice.

all was not lost on this ride. i did feel strong at the end and i did see a 54 mph max speed on the last descent of the day.

how about some numbers talk? despite being on a love boat quarantine for 13 days i am near 500 miles for the month of June. the sky is the limit for July. this week is the crucial week for me and RAIN. one day, one way, 160 miles is fast approaching.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

this is weird...

since the Udder Century, back on 6/1, i have had a small cycling related issue. we shall refer to it as The Issue. it is a small thing, but a thing that could slam the brakes on a season. while i sort of have it under control i have to laugh when i think about what i am now doing and what i have done to fight The Issue.

to date i have applied Balmex, Neosporin, Baby Powder, Destin, Wet Ones , Equate Triple Antibiotic Cream, Chamois Butt'R, & Assos Chamois Creme on and around the area of The Issue. i have never ever been so aware of and paid so much attention to this particular area The Issue calls home. never, ever, ever.....

i have treated The Issue, but only time off will vanish it for ever. this is not in the cards for me. i am also treating what i believe is the cause, old lycra & possible poor fit.

i ain't messing around with the lycra either. out with the shorts and in with bibs. the best of the best, Assos. when it is all said and done i will have two pairs, the Equippe and the top of line F.13 S2. take that Mr The Issue. toss in some lower end every day bibs and i will be lycra short free forever.

as for fit, the only thing i changed over the winter was my saddle height. i jacked it up just a bit. i do not think this is the issue, but may make some small changes in saddle placement. small increments are the key. i really think the culprit is worn out chamois.

i think i had a point here????? oh yeah, this is weird. i thought that as i looked up and into the bathroom mirror while partaking in my new post ride ritual. wipe the area with a wet paper towel, then a Wet One, then stand with legs spread and allow to air dry, then 20 to 30 minutes of stretching and recovery, then a shower with more cleaning of the area, then more standing and drying, then application of cream & baby powder.

don't even get me started on the trimming.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Vacation Action.....

me snorkeling

me swimming with killer stingray

me holding the wall up at 3am the night before debarkation

the end

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

first night, before even boarding, the in-law love is flowing.

me, on a boat, needing a drink.

pretty please.

oh yeah.

the end

Monday, June 16, 2008


To unload, as from a ship or an airplane.

thank gosh almighty.

the love boat captain has returned.

now, where is my freaking bicycle?

how much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

this is the question that must be answered. 15 days off the bike. 15 days i said. at least, the legs should be fresh..............................????


Friday, June 06, 2008

you can just call me......

the Love Boat Captain.

i will miss my bike.

and my super start to superior cycling fitness.

that is all.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Double or Nothing....the pictures

the BFNIC gang ready to roll.

climbing Barlow Road

i am second wheel here. almost to the top and almost dead :)

fudge rounds from the grocery slash craft store never tasted so yum yum.

Monday, June 02, 2008

you see that hill to the right? that is the highest point in Southern Wisconsin, Blue Mound State Park. this is me trudging my way towards it.

the Double or Nothing Weekend has come and gone. however, someone tell my legs that, cause they are barking mad at me.

i think the weekend can best be summed up with numbers.....

Saturday: Double or Nothing Ride. 4:15 am wake up. 6 hours in the car. 4 hours 9 minutes of ride time for 63 miles and 6000 feet of climbing.

Sunday: the Udder Century. 5:00 am wake up. 2 hours 30 minutes in the car. 5 hours 5 minutes of ride time for 100 miles and 3000 feet of climbing. this was a 19.7 mph pace and a personal best ride time for a century. not to mention it was a day after this flat lander busted his butt climbing hills in Wisconsin.

last week i was on the bike for over 14 hours and totalled up 248 miles.

wow, that is a lot for one week. get this though, i loved every minute of it and wish it could have been more. good times man. good times.


Friday, May 30, 2008

i love cycling.

i have this life long friend. he was doing some sprint tris and into mountain biking. late 2004 i got a mountain bike. it was hard. hard on the body. i had no skills, plus i was fat and angry..... i know, you know this, but hang in there.... June 2005 i got a Trek 1000 and got the bug. in 2006 i dropped 70 lbs. i got new the Giant TCR C2 in August 06. i rode over 2500 miles that year.

i thought this was my start. it was not.

last weekend, as we drove back from the Soldier Field 10 mile race, i am talking to my buddy of some 20 plus years about cycling......yes, the life long friend mentioned above.....i am trying to explain why i love riding my bike. i cant really do it in a manner that satisfies me. however, he seems to get it.

now i am trying to figure this out myself and it goes something like this:

me - "I never watched it on TV" .
him - "Sure we did. As kids we met up at my house and watched Lemond all the time."

oh yeah, i would ride my Schwinn Traveller racing bike over to his house to do just that.
i have always been a roadie. he has just been hiding inside me for some 20 years. :)

now you know.


ps: this is Double or Nothing Weekend. 5/31 = 62 very hilly miles in Wisconsin. 6/1 The Udder Century (100 miles). back to back hundos (100k and 100 miles). good times.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

holiday racing....

finally the Midwest gets some Spring time weather. seventy degrees and sun never look sooooo good.

so, i ran a 10 mile race on Saturday. first, let me say the event was 100% outstanding. a must do for all Chicago runners and wannabes (like me). i am a bears fan. running through the tunnel onto the field with the Bears Fight Song playing was something i will never forget.

now, what about my Too Little Too Late training plan? it worked.

i ran this race because my two buddies, who talked me into the 07 Chicago Marathon then backed out, wanted too. don't get me wrong the event was awesome, but i should be in full cycling glory this holiday weekend. NOT taking the entire week off from riding.

my plan was this, ride myself into excellent cardio shape and run two times a week to get the legs/body ready for the pounding. it worked.

i have not had a run over 5 miles in 2008. i have not run more then three times in any one week. heck, i don't think i have ran over 10 miles in any one week this year. i have been riding.

i felt good on race day. we went out at 9 minutes per. at mile 2 one buddy was dropping back. i felt good and stuck with the fast buddy (every group has one). around mile 5 we picked the pace up to 8:30 minutes per. ok, he picked it up, but i was feeling good. i was not sweating profusely or breathing heavy at all (meaning unlike him).

at mile 7 my little buddy and me grabbed some water. unfortunately, his was spiked with instant speedy steroids. he took to the grass to pass a large group of slower runners. i did the same, but he never slowed. i looked down and Mr. Forerunner screamed at me 8 minutes per mile! i thought for sure he would slow, but he never did.

i like to win, to be the best, to be the man (at least in my circle of life), but this made me happy. my friend of some 20 years, who in recent times has been over weight and out of shape, was doing something special. after seven miles of running (9 minute pace) my little buddy turned on the jets and took off. last May i would guess he couldn't walk 10 miles. did i mention this was his first running race??

he clocked in at 1:26:54 for the 10 miles.

around mile 7 my legs started reminding me that this was my longest run of the year and i had not logged enough miles to run a 10 mile race at this pace. so, i popped a Hammer Nutrition Gel and trudged on.

as i said the finish was oh so cool. what i remember the most was how small the stadium felt from the field. the seats seemed to be on top of the field. man it was cool.

i learned a couple things from this race. i was able to RIDE myself into excellent cardio shape to run a sub 9 minute per mile race. training with and running with life long friends was extremely fun. i love being abnormally physically fit. no, i am not talking about you, the amature endurance athlete. i am talking about mr normal man with a 9 to 5, 40 plus hour a week, desk job.

official word:
  • 10 miles in 1:28:58 for 8:53 per
  • 2262 overall out of 5000
  • 350 in the 30 to 34 age group
  • 1455 of all males

for recovery i rode 30 miles today. the day after the race.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

who you crapping ?


who the heck thinks they can log 7 miles a week as prep for a 10 mile race? who are you? please post a comment on how you do this??

i will post my comment on Sunday, after i do just that.

ok, ok, ok, it is not like my non running days are spent watching Ellen and eating pure 70% dark chocolate bars. ok, ok, ok, some of my non running days are spent doing just that.

so, i have the Soldier Field 10 Mile Race this weekend. the finish is on the Bears 50 yard line. supposedly, the jumbo tron will be one and you can see yourself hit the finish line. cool!

sure i have under trained by "running standards" but i have logged some very aggressive miles on the bike. this summer is all about the bike. in fact, i have a big weekend of cycling coming up next weekend so, i will not let this put that in harms way.

i will do my best. i will attempt to finish in front of my two back-out-of-the-marathon buddies. that is just me. one of them is fast and one of them is me. i like the challenge.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

blog therapy ?

no, not mental. what, do you think i am some kind of quack who believers in Quackery and needs his blog for mental well being. Silly rabbit, trix are for kids.

i am talking about hamstring well being. i blog up about my aches and pains then two days later the hammy is all Kool and the Gang. ready to take on the world.

maybe it is Karma? oh uh. i take back the first paragraph.

moving on. i am continuing to embark on my Too Little Too Late training plan for the upcoming SoldierField10. the cycling is going well. the running is getting better, but still low on quantity. if i am healthy i should be able to run the 10 miler without issue. it will be slow, but you gotta take the good with the bad.

You hear that, Mr. Aham23? That is the sound of inevitability


Friday, May 09, 2008

hello hammy?!@?

i have been riding my bike and i have been enjoying it...............A LOT!

so much i have put of thinking about, well training for THIS.

this would be the Soldier Field 10 Race on 5/24. ten miles with two friends. the same two friends who talked me into the 2007 Chicago Marathon then backed out before they even got started with training. i am not bitter. i just want to stomp them into the ground at this race. :)

however, i can't run. ok ok ok, a bit dramatic, but when i do i hurt. first it was the left IT band. now it's the entire left leg. the left hammy is really tight after my 5 mile run yesterday. i need some hammy stretching suggestions from my running experts.

why is my leg hating on running??

did i mention i have only been running once a week and this race is two weeks away? uh oh. me thinks it will be me getting stomped!

i have been riding which has me in decent physical shape. the last ride was a thrasher. i went out on my flat and fast route and did just that. considering it is early May i am very happy logging a 40 mile ride with a 18.4 mph average. i should see some fast numbers come August.


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

me and the gang

Originally uploaded by aham23.

some of the BFNIC bunch hanging out before heading out on the second loop. im in the red "flappy" jacket.

see that nice little road twisting and turning upward in the background? good times this ride was. good times for sure.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the Classic Report

i now have a new favorite 30 mile loop. well, with my wrong turn it was 43 miles on the first loop, but it was still awesome.

the Saturday warm up ride with Tim was 24 miles, 3000 feet of climbing, 25 mph wind & a 50 mph decent. it was fantastic. seriously, i loved every minute of it. Tim is this master of everything. this means he can navigate his way in a strange land without maps or fancy electronic devices while keeping an entertaining conversation the entire way. i learned two things on this ride; if you are wearing a number 7 diaper its time to start potty training AND if you say "Last one to the top buys the first Spotted Cow" you better be ready to go, because Tim will be gone.

Saturday Stats

Sunday did not let us down. it was sunny, clear and calm at 7am. sure it was cold, but once properly geared up i barely noticed the temps. like anticipated the ride blew up quickly with the first hill. it was an in your face violent wake up call.

five or 6 guys formed the A group and shot up that hill. i was off the back of that group with Tim and a couple others. my legs knew it was April, but my head wanted to play like it was August. i chased and that was my downfall. i was chasing guys that if i did catch i wouldn't be able to stay with. we did meet up with them again due to some construction blocking the road, but my time with them was short lived. then i fell off the wheels of Time and Jose which left me solo. i had hope and direction though as i had them in my sights through the beautiful peaks and valleys of the route.

i was hurting and eventually lost sight of the guys in front of me. out came my map, i mean que sheet. i didn't bring the map. it appears i am a poor navigator as i made a wrong turn. about two miles the wrong way i decided to turn back. i did, but there were two riders coming my way. they had the map and felt we were on track. three of us couldn't be wrong? uh, we were. we descended into a small town on hwy 92 and quickly determined we were well North of New Glarus. we asked some locals for directions and with their help and that map decided on an approach. we didn't back track as we tried to pick the shortest route to NG.

we added 8 to 10 miles to the first loop and two kick arse climbs with this detour. i rolled into the park to see the A Listers still there waiting. i felt kind of bad that my miss turn may have delayed there departure, but then figured they would take much joy in dropping me again anyway.

i rolled out for the second loop with the mountain goats & jack rabbits. this loop also starts with a pretty nasty hill. guess what, i was off the back. at the bottom of the decent i spotted Tim slowing up and waiting for me. we made an executive decision to take the offered short version of the second route to avoid complete spontaneous combustion. lucky for me Tim had the map and was able to guide us effortlessly.

short didn't mean easy. this short version of the second loop had several decent hills including a killer one at the end. one i had struggled up yesterday as a matter of fact. however, i took this last challenge fairly well and felt good as i made the final decent into town.

for me it was 60 miles, 5000 feet of climbing, lots of suffering and lots of fun.

Spring Classic Stats

New Glarus, WI is a great location for a ride. totally different from my normal flat rides amongst the cornfields. i look forward to getting back up there.

today, the legs are still pretty sore. for me, this was a pretty violent early season effort. the trouble maker (left IT band) is pretty tight, but livable. i need to log a run or two this week and plan to be back on the bike this weekend.


Friday, April 25, 2008

BFNIC Spring Classic

the first big group ride of the year is this weekend. unlike last year, the ride is taking place in Wisconsin AND the weather forecast is NOT looking good. this means, hills, cold, wind, rain, and maybe snow. this could be real ugly.

this is what i looked like the last time i tackled a ride in Wisconsin.

wish me luck. later.

Monday, April 21, 2008

take that..........

....giant quads. this weekend was Passover so that meant 7 hours of driving in a 24 hour time span to visit the in-laws.

we rolled home around 2:30pm on Sunday. it was beautiful out, 70, sunny, and light winds. we unpacked then the wife looked at me and said "Get Gone." i did.

the legs were slow and unresponsive from the start. so i punished them. i sprinted up every roller and into every headwind. when you ride out in the open plains even a light wind provides difficulty.

i thrashed the legs and ended with 40 miles at a 17.7 mph average pace. i stopped for 27 seconds (damn Sunday drivers). considering this was my 7th ride of the season i am very happy with the results.

peace out.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the run down........

last year at this time i was just getting ready for my first major cycling event, the BFNIC Spring Classic. i had only 3 rides under my belt, but was coming off a successful hilly half marathon and a winter filled with running. i had almost 270 running miles under my feet, which equalled some 40 hours of running.

this year is not last year.

the IT Band injury i sustained back in December basically shut me down, running wise. to date, i have 12 runs for 38 miles. the IT Band is 90% and i need to pick the running up as i am slated for the Soldier Field 10 Mile Race in late May. that being said, i have 5 outside rides so far and almost 30 hours of trainer time. i am finally feeling like i am getting back to a decent fitness level. we shall see if the all this tortuous trainer time was worth it when i roll out for the 2008 BFNIC Spring Classic next weekend. this years event is up in Wisconsin and will provided a much more difficult route then last year. especially difficult given it is so early in the cycling season and i don't see too many (or any) hills on my training rides.

movies. i have been watching movies. have you?

Underworld - 3 stars. blu ray. repeat. decent action flick. do they ever run out of bullets??

Dan In Real Life - 4 stars. blu ray. new to me. surprised me. not your normal romantic comedy. well worth a rental for sure.

Dreamgirls - 2 stars. blu ray. new to me. blah.

Man On Fire - 5 stars. blu ray. repeat. Best PQ and Sound i have experienced. great acting, story, & editing made this really enjoyable on my setup.

I Am Legend - 3 stars. blu ray. repeat. the movie could have been great. could have.

Rumor Has It - 2 stars. blu ray. new to me. cute girlie movie.

Superbad - 0 stars. blu ray. new to me. i didn't get it. i normally get this and enjoy this kind of stuff, but not this one. only made it 45 minutes into it.

I, Robot - 3.5 stars. blu ray. repeat. great PQ & Sound. CGI is good. story is good. Smith does well with this type of roll.


Monday, April 07, 2008

for the record....

......i like dogs. i even have a cute little doggie. remember, he is Eddie Vedder, the dog, and i love him.

i feel like these statements needed a public forum. why, you ask? cause someone thinks i don't like dogs.

i have logged five outside rides this season. i have encountered dogs on four of them. big dogs chasing me, jumping at me, darting in front of me, and even rubbing my rear wheel.

the two border collies (yes two dogs at the same time) were the scariest, until yesterday. it was a pit bull, cross bulldog, cross boxer that chased me. the fat little turd almost took me down as a cute little girl on a tricycle yelled, "Don't worry he wont hurt you." he actually brushed my back wheel as i sprinted off.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

itch it.........

please mother nature. i really got me a scratch that needs some itching! stop hating on us cyclist!!

i got out for a rode ride this past Saturday. the sun was out, but it was not warm and it was not pleasant. the temp was 40ish, but with the stiff 15 mph wind out of the East it felt like 30ish.
PLUS, i did my best to sabotage the effort with a little Friday night movie night with the wife.

it was Dirty Dancing, the 20 Anniversary BluRay DVD. HER CHOICE. it is like her all time favorite movie. we watched it with the pop up trivia on. kind of like when VH1 use to do Pop Up videos where little boxes pop up (duh) with facts about this and that.

for example; did you know that Val Kilmer was the first choice to play Johnny Castle? he turned it down because he did not want a career type cast as a hunk. the next choice was Billy Zane ( the bad guy from Titanic), but he could not dance worth crap. then came Pat who was a classically trained dancer trying to get into acting. the rest is history. did i mention it was HER CHOICE?!@?!

i had to drink a bottle of wine to get through it.

back to the ride. i suffered. i was wiped out at mile 17. the last 10 miles was directly into the wind. it was cold. the legs were burning. i was suffering and i loved every minute of this 37 mile ride.


3:10 To Yuma -- 3 Stars. New To Me. BluRay. slow start. decent middle. crazy over the top end. Christian Bale carries the movie.

Da Vinci Code -- 2 Stars. New to Me. Standard DVD. for a long movie it really was blah. i mean take a freaking stand one way or the other. Hanks was poor. the leading lady was solid. whatever.

Oceans 13 -- 2 Stars. New to Me. BluRay. kind of a fun no brainer popcorn flick. kind of.

Dirty Dancing -- FIVE FREAKING STARS (i love you honey). Repeat. BluRay. the worst looking bluray i have ever seen. very poor PQ. but hey, it's dirty dancing.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

how many?

man, i have seen a lot of movies lately. can you blame me though, i have a movie theater in my basement!

anyway, the official movie marathon is over, but the movies roll on.

No Country For Old Men -- 4 Stars. New to Me. BluRay. everything in life can not be all neat and tidy. somethings are ugly. they start ugly and end ugly. great acting and a most excellent movie. outstanding picture quality as well.

The Bourne Identity -- 4 Stars. Repeat. HDDVD. who knew Matt Damon could pull this off? not me.

The Bourne Supremacy -- 4 Stars. Repeat. HDDVD. who knew he could do it twice? not me.

The Bourne Ultimatum -- 3 Stars. Repeat. HDDVD. best story and action of the three, BUT someone fell in love with the on the shoulder camera. it gets pretty annoying on a 119" screen.

Gone Baby Gone -- 1 Star. New to Me. BluRay. who knew ben affleck sucked such arse? well, i did. he directed this piece of crap. a movie trying to be complicated for the sake of being complicated. the subject matter is a toughie too. plus, i get it, Boston folks like using the "F" word.

in other news. winter is still here. my knee is better. my IT Band is better. i am only running once a week, which is why i am better and that bums me. i am logging some good hours on the trainer, but have not gotten into any intervals or fancy training. i would rather be riding outside and wish i could be running more. i am not on course for total domination of the 08 BFNIC cycling season and that too makes me sad. i think that sums up my Wednesday.