Sunday, July 06, 2008

Holiday Resting.....

i think not. time off from work means more time on the bike.

last weekends poor effort up in the hills of Wisconsin had me bumming. then i couldn't get out Wednesday or Thursday for any rides and i was pouting. i started checking stats from last year and this year to date. it seemed i was no better and no worse. flat lined.

on the 4th i did the JBC Metric. a 62 mile ride, but i decided to ride to the ride as it was local. the legs were good. i was at the front and off the front all day. into the wind i was very strong. it was a totally flat and fast ride, but the wind was a bit nasty. i finished the ride faster then last year. just what the doctor ordered.

after 140 miles this weekend (180 this week), late nights & holiday cheer, i am tired. i still need to find a way to change things up and advance my cycling abilities. some fast group rides. more climbing. more time trial type efforts. intervals. racing(?).

one way, one day, 160 miles, is next Saturday. it should be fast and furious.


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