Friday, July 25, 2008

wasted away again...

my speak of such an excellent cycling month has seemingly upset the cycling Gods. no, not Lance Armstrong, but the ones who control the cycling universe. they dish out pain & suffering. they keep a roadie in his place.

i have been dragging some serious arse the last two days. i know, TWO DAYS, can you believe it. normally i have to be tied up, drugged and taken on a forced vacation to see two consecutive off days. the 700 Club and title of July Mileage Whore may have to wait???

plus, i got some other things going on this weekend. it is that time of summer again. first, it is my 10 year anniversary. i love you baby!!

let's get drunk and screw!

you guessed is that wonderful time of the year when Jimmy Buffett makes his return to the Chicago Area. someone i know is a big fan and we go every summer. sometimes we go twice. the party scene at his concert is crazy fun. so, i go and we party like it is 1996 and we are at a Phish Concert.


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