Monday, July 28, 2008

21 or 35 ?

ouch. that one is going to leave a mark. two days later and i think i may still be slightly drunk??

another summer and another Jimmy Buffett Concert has come and gone. it was a new venue this year, Toyota Park in Bridgeview. nice stadium park, but i much prefer the tailgating and lawn section at the old WhatEverItsBeingCalledNow Amphithere in Tinley Park.

they really had them packed in like canned sardines.

the concert was, well, Jimmy Buffett. he did his thing and we did our thing. he tossed a nugget or two, with playing Last Mango in Paris being the best.

this year i think i went a little to far. i would like to offer up my official apology to any and all that my drunken actions offended.

aham23 is sorry.

sorry to you, mr coconut bra man for asking your manbra size. sorry to you mrs school teacher grass skirt wearing lady for suggesting we get drunk and screw. i am not 21 anymore, that is for sure.

finally, i am on day two of a planned 4 day break. the JB Induced Coma and some nagging aches and pain are really dragging me down.


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Chester said...

HapiBlogging to you my friend! Have a nice day!