Thursday, April 27, 2006

Are you kidding me?

When I grow up I want to do this, TI v.2!

Yeah, you got it right, 320 self supported miles across gravel and B roads of Iowa. I can't wait to read the post race write ups. Later.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Weekday Ride.....

I get great pleasure riding my bike on my employers time. Anyway, I managed a nice little ride this afternoon. Little ride use to mean maybe 10 to 15 miles, but this is a new year.

The ride was 29.5 miles in 1 hour 40 minutes, 17.5 mph avg speed with 24.5 max, 138 avg heart rate with 161 max, 80 avg cadence with 98 max, and 1346 calories exhausted.

The legs felt great, but my neck and lower back were tight. I do have some chronic neck issues from years of bad posture and it was also bothering me. I did stretch it out prior to the ride and plan some more before bed. I am thinking a message may be in order to work some of the kinks out of the neck before my century on May 7th. If anything holds me down it will be this physical issue I think.

Next ride is the big one planned for the weekend. I need a solid 50 to 75 miles completed to feel good going in to the century. Ride on. Later.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

That Time Of The Week.......Again

Man, as I have aged the weeks seem to fly by so fast. Heck, who am I kidding the years are zooming past me like seconds. It's Tuesday, which means me and the scale had a little face off this morning. The results were suprising to me, 201.4 was the number.

I did have a big ride and a couple of high intensity cardio sessions, but all week I felt a little chubby. Wow, I sound like a girl? This weight loss thing is weird?? However, it is true, I felt fat and sure I was going to gain a few pounds back, but I didn't .

I put in the work and got results. Sacrifice is the key. If you want to binge, eat out, drink, whatever it is, you got to follow it up with sacrifice. Get up early the next day and workout. Push your workouts past your perceived limits! Make it hurt. That is how you know you are putting in the time needed to meet your goals.

OK, enough of that. Work blows and will likely prevent me from riding this week. I may only get one ride in and that will be this weekend. How the heck am I going to ride a century May 7th? I may have previously answered this question for those paying attention.

Off to watch Chris sing classic love songs on AI5! Then my favorite show on TV, SCRUBS!! Later.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Cycling Milestone

I had a goal and despite the struggles the wind presented me mentally and physically I achieved that goal. It is very satisfying setting goals, whether that be weight loss or riding, then meeting the goals despite the struggles that take place.

I am hoping to participate in a Century on May 7th. Yes, in two weeks I want to ride 100 miles in a local organized Century. Yes, 100 miles in one day. Not a race, just an organized ride with other crazy roadies.

So, I need some saddle time and headed out yesterday for a ride. The plan was to head to Silver Springs State Park then turn around and come back. It is 23 miles west of my starting point. It would be my longest ride, EVER.

It was a sunny and beautiful morning with seemingly little wind ( from my driveway that is). Temps were in the 50s and going up to the low 60s. I had on my cool new Nike 10/2 thermal long sleeve jersey and tights. I had two 24 oz bottles of Accelerade and three GU gels. I geared it up and headed out.

Once I cleared the city and hit the open farmland roads the wind said hello. Most of this ride is directly west on the way out and the wind was blowing crazy steady. It had to be steady at 15 mph with gust up to 20-25 mph. I was crawling at 12 mph into it. Does it ever get easier to ride into the wind? Maybe I need some wind riding lessons?

I had to stop at mile 15 to compose myself and motivate myself to keep going westward. I did and strolled into the park with great joy. I rode around the park a bit then took a 15 minute potty break. Then it hit me, no not the wind, but I had to go back. I wasn't home. I had 23 more miles to travel.

The ride back, mostly east, was pure speed. I was going 25 to 30 mph most of the way back. That is crazy fast for me! My legs were burning as I was totally hammering it with that tailwind. Good Times.

When I arrived home and dismounted my legs were screaming at me. Plus, my stomach was growling and I really didn't feel that well. It was weird, but I was kinda dizzy and sick feeling? My thought is I didn't take in enough carbs while on the bike. I gulped down the two bottles of Accelerade and had two GU gels. Anyone got any thoughts on this?

I showered up, had lunch, and took a nap, which all helped me feel better. Today, I feel great! Maybe even manage a short recovery ride once I am relieved of baby duty (ha, I said duty!).

The ride stats: 46.80 miles, ride time 2:48, avg speed 16.70 mph with max of 31.50, avg cadence 85 with max of 113, avg heart rate 144 with max of 164, and calories burnt 2,402

Friday, April 21, 2006

Picking Up the Pace....

Weather was outstanding yesterday here in Chicagoland. Temp in the 70s, sunny, and seemingly light winds. I couldn't wait to get home, gear up, and head out. So I did just that.

Strange thing is, that damn wind kicked up when I hit the farm land and was blowing right in my pie hole. It's all flat land out where I ride, but the wind makes it feel up hill at times. To counter the wind at 10 miles out I headed South, making the West blowing wind a minor cross wind nuisance. Ha, take that you evil wind doers.

The Ride Stats for you; 30.8 miles, 1 hour 49 minutes, 17 mph avg with 25.4 max, 83 avg cadence with 97 max, 135 avg heart rate with 156 max, and the best number of all 1375 calories sent packing. Plus, I even got a little sunburn on my arms.

I ate like a horse at dinner time, but still came in with a huge calorie deficiency for the day. That is the joy of working out.

Tonight it is a special Wife Birthday Dinner at the fancy shmancy Sullivans SteakHouse. Get your calculators ready and let the calorie counting begin. Later.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

800 Club?

I am juiced to hit the 190s so I skipped out of work early (perk of being in management) and went to the gym. Had an hour as I am on Baby Pick Up Duty (ha I said duty) tonight.

I burnt up 800 calories in 45 minutes. Oh yeah, I can see the fat melting away right now. It was 30 minutes on the elliptical machine for 3.22 miles and 522 cals toasted. Then I ran on the treadmill for 15 minutes, 1.83 miles and 296 cals fried.

One banana and 12 oz of Accelerade Fruit Punch Drink and I think I am ready for more? OK, maybe not more, but I feel good.

Hopefully I can get a road ride in before the weekend. I already have Saturday booked for riding, but if I plan to ride a century on May 7th I need a ton more saddle time. Later.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The In-Laws......

Why must you make me drink and eat so much? I mean, I am on the pathway to healthyness and you just keep shoving vodka at me. Yes, I spent the Easter Weekend at the In-Laws. Really, it could have been a lot worse. I was way up in calories for each day, but what is a guy to do?

With that being said I was primed for a weigh-in let down this morning. I have had two binging weekends in a row and thought something had to give. I am still running and riding, but no way I drop weight this week.

Well, the magic scale has me at 203.4 today. Some quick math (206 last week) and that is 2.6 lbs this week. WTF? So working out 5 days a week really makes a difference. I can treat myself every now and then and not gain like 20 lbs? Who Knew???

Wait, 203.4, holy crap dudes that is sooo close to NOT being in the 200s anymore. Time to strap it in and get it done! Here I come 190s. Later.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I fought the wind.........

and the wind won! Got a nice little pre-holiday ride in this afternoon. It was 4pm and 80 degrees here in Chicagoland and it was beautiful. Got geared up and while sitting in the driveway I thought, "Interesting, no wind. This ride is gonna kick arse!"

Did I say geared up? Yeah, I have gone full blown roadie. I had a nice new Pearl Izumi Jersey and Performance Ultra Lycra biking shorts on and I looked good. Plus, I got my new Tifosi Q3 Fototec Road Riding Shades. Check them out here. Plus, I had two Polar water bottles filled with Accelerade Fruit Punch Sport Drink. Plus, one time at band camp..........what? Never mind. So, I was geared up!

I hit the road and the wind hit me in the face. It seemed to be waiting for me, just hiding or lurking around until I made my move westward. It had to be blowing a sustained 20 mph with stronger gust. It would move me and my bike. It was the hardest 13 miles I have ever done. I could only muster 11 mph into that beast of a wind. I felt like I was climbing an Alp, or not, but it was not easy for me.

AND then, I made the turn for home. Sweet tailwind I miss you already. I was humping it at 25 mph for most of the ride back home. All in all, twenty-six miles later the gear was awesome, the workout was awesome, and I feel awesome.

How about a Survivor note? Terry is the cocky one? Heck no, those six are the most arrogant and cocky alliance I have ever seen. Go Terry!


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuesday is Scale Day

Yes the work Biggest Loser Contest is over and I am the official winner, but life goes on. I got goals and the quest to be a lean, mean, cycling, running, and maybe swimming machine. So come with the number...... 206 lbs. !! It is still moving in the right direction.

Weather has been awesome, but work has not. I hope to skip out early one day this week and get a nice 40 mile road ride in. If not the bike will be traveling with me this holiday weekend. I did hit the treadmill here at home for 3 miles tonight. Ran two nine minute miles and walked one mile.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

What Gut?

What Gut?
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Still like me some beers, but just got smart about it. What to you think? How is my progress? Pictures are worth a 1000 words or in this case about 30 lbs. Later.

Almost There!!

Almost There
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April 9th 2006 and I have shed 30 pounds. Weight is 205 and still dropping.

The Fat

The Fat
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BEFORE, the profile shot. Holy crap that is one serious gut.

How about some After shots you ask? SOON you shall see the payoff, to date that is because this diet tran is rolling towards 190s. Later.

It Happens.....

The BINGE happens. I have been hardcore dieting since Jan 4th. I have had miss steps and I have fallen of the wagon, but always manage to get back on track, ASAP. In fact, most of the poor diet choices I have made were planned out. I mean, you gotta have some Chicago Pie (pizza, get you mind out of the gutter) every now and then.

The points is, last night I attended a Jimmy Buffett Party at a resort in the Burbs. Yes, Jimmy Buffett means frozen drinks and Corona Beers. Not real sure of my final number, but I estimated close to 5000 calories for the day. Who freakin knew a Mai Tai had so many calories???

Prior to the party I did three miles on the treadmill. Today I put in a 26 mile road bike ride. See, we can endulge or binge every now and again, but we got to be smart. Plan your binge. Enjoy the binge. Then get right back to it.

Anyone catch the Paris Roubaix Race on OLN today. Just finished watching it (TiVo) and WOW it was exciting . Poor freaking George Hincapie. His bike broke? How does that happen. His handle bars just broke and were dangling in the wind at 30 mph. He could do nothing, but fly over the top of the bike. I can not find any info on his current condition. I hope it is not too bad. Alright, I am out. Later.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Tough Week So Far.......

Working out this week has been tough. My body is really sore and may be trying to tell me something? Let me retrace my recent steps; Saturday = 14 mile mountain bike ride, Sunday = 3 miles on the treadmill, Monday = 600 meter swim followed up with 1.5 mile run, Tuesday = 1.25 mile dog walk, Wednesday = 30 mile road bike ride, and Thursday = Nothing as I actually had to work a regular day.

On my 30 miler yesterday my neck and shoulders were super stiff and it was uncomfortable. I have not swam since last winter so It could be soreness from getting back in the pool. I say that like I am or was some accomplished swimmer?? I mean I swam some a year ago when I tried to get healthy for 2005 Summer.

Needless to say my neck, left shoulder / arm area are sore today. This is an old issue for me as the left side is a chronic pain giver. Years of bad posture got me all out of whack. I think doing nothing today is the man cause for my legs barking at me so loud. I needed some type of recover ride, run, or walk after doing my all time one day high 30 road bike miles. I aint no Jeff Kerkove, but we all need to recover.

The diet has been solid this week, so far. Jimmy John's for lunch racked up over 700 calories, but I still kept my daily total around 2000. It's weird how I kinda feel guilty when splurge and eat out. It was only 700 calories, but deep down I think I wished I had my normal low fat sandwich and yogurt.

I am out. Later.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

And The Winner Is........

me you big silly goof! the work biggest loser competition is over. i am the proud winner of a totally new healthy lifestyle and $150 bucks of my co-workers hard earned money. it feels good.

my at home weigh-in for today is 207.5, which is a THREE POUND loss this week. the stuff is just melting away. ok, not really, i have been working my butt off, literally! yesterday it was a 600 meter swim followed up with a 15 minute treadmil run for 1.5 miles. yeah, i may be gearing up for some mini (sprint) triathalon action, but i got to see how the swimming action affects my bum left shoulder.

this train is going to keep on rolling down the tracks. i have a readjusted, for the third time, weight loss goal of 190 lbs.! that is soo crazy to type, but i did and i will and i can, cause i will.

i have lost 28.5 lbs since January 4th. it took a total health melt down and fast food binge and work contest to get me started. i track it all! every single calorie that goes into my mouth and i do it with my normal obsessive nature. i love it. fitday rocks. i work out at least 30 minutes 5 times a week. i burnt 6000 calories riding my bike over 100 miles in the month of March in Chicago.

my clothes don't fit anymore and i love it. hey, this past weekend i picked up a medium sized Nike Dry Fit running shirt! yes, a medium!! a size i have not seen since high school. running shirt? not sure which is more unbelievable, me wearing a medium or me running?!? who knew.

the biggest reason for my success is the support of my wife. she has been on weight watchers plan this entire time and lost 20 lbs. her workout time is much more limited then mine, but together we have stuck to our new eating habits and pushed each other beyond our known limits. good times man!

i am telling you that you just need to get started. get on the train and stay on the tracks. you can find that healthy lifestyle and weight loss success you search for. you can do it!!! later.