Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Cycling Milestone

I had a goal and despite the struggles the wind presented me mentally and physically I achieved that goal. It is very satisfying setting goals, whether that be weight loss or riding, then meeting the goals despite the struggles that take place.

I am hoping to participate in a Century on May 7th. Yes, in two weeks I want to ride 100 miles in a local organized Century. Yes, 100 miles in one day. Not a race, just an organized ride with other crazy roadies.

So, I need some saddle time and headed out yesterday for a ride. The plan was to head to Silver Springs State Park then turn around and come back. It is 23 miles west of my starting point. It would be my longest ride, EVER.

It was a sunny and beautiful morning with seemingly little wind ( from my driveway that is). Temps were in the 50s and going up to the low 60s. I had on my cool new Nike 10/2 thermal long sleeve jersey and tights. I had two 24 oz bottles of Accelerade and three GU gels. I geared it up and headed out.

Once I cleared the city and hit the open farmland roads the wind said hello. Most of this ride is directly west on the way out and the wind was blowing crazy steady. It had to be steady at 15 mph with gust up to 20-25 mph. I was crawling at 12 mph into it. Does it ever get easier to ride into the wind? Maybe I need some wind riding lessons?

I had to stop at mile 15 to compose myself and motivate myself to keep going westward. I did and strolled into the park with great joy. I rode around the park a bit then took a 15 minute potty break. Then it hit me, no not the wind, but I had to go back. I wasn't home. I had 23 more miles to travel.

The ride back, mostly east, was pure speed. I was going 25 to 30 mph most of the way back. That is crazy fast for me! My legs were burning as I was totally hammering it with that tailwind. Good Times.

When I arrived home and dismounted my legs were screaming at me. Plus, my stomach was growling and I really didn't feel that well. It was weird, but I was kinda dizzy and sick feeling? My thought is I didn't take in enough carbs while on the bike. I gulped down the two bottles of Accelerade and had two GU gels. Anyone got any thoughts on this?

I showered up, had lunch, and took a nap, which all helped me feel better. Today, I feel great! Maybe even manage a short recovery ride once I am relieved of baby duty (ha, I said duty!).

The ride stats: 46.80 miles, ride time 2:48, avg speed 16.70 mph with max of 31.50, avg cadence 85 with max of 113, avg heart rate 144 with max of 164, and calories burnt 2,402

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