Thursday, April 13, 2006

I fought the wind.........

and the wind won! Got a nice little pre-holiday ride in this afternoon. It was 4pm and 80 degrees here in Chicagoland and it was beautiful. Got geared up and while sitting in the driveway I thought, "Interesting, no wind. This ride is gonna kick arse!"

Did I say geared up? Yeah, I have gone full blown roadie. I had a nice new Pearl Izumi Jersey and Performance Ultra Lycra biking shorts on and I looked good. Plus, I got my new Tifosi Q3 Fototec Road Riding Shades. Check them out here. Plus, I had two Polar water bottles filled with Accelerade Fruit Punch Sport Drink. Plus, one time at band camp..........what? Never mind. So, I was geared up!

I hit the road and the wind hit me in the face. It seemed to be waiting for me, just hiding or lurking around until I made my move westward. It had to be blowing a sustained 20 mph with stronger gust. It would move me and my bike. It was the hardest 13 miles I have ever done. I could only muster 11 mph into that beast of a wind. I felt like I was climbing an Alp, or not, but it was not easy for me.

AND then, I made the turn for home. Sweet tailwind I miss you already. I was humping it at 25 mph for most of the ride back home. All in all, twenty-six miles later the gear was awesome, the workout was awesome, and I feel awesome.

How about a Survivor note? Terry is the cocky one? Heck no, those six are the most arrogant and cocky alliance I have ever seen. Go Terry!


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