Tuesday, April 04, 2006

And The Winner Is........

me you big silly goof! the work biggest loser competition is over. i am the proud winner of a totally new healthy lifestyle and $150 bucks of my co-workers hard earned money. it feels good.

my at home weigh-in for today is 207.5, which is a THREE POUND loss this week. the stuff is just melting away. ok, not really, i have been working my butt off, literally! yesterday it was a 600 meter swim followed up with a 15 minute treadmil run for 1.5 miles. yeah, i may be gearing up for some mini (sprint) triathalon action, but i got to see how the swimming action affects my bum left shoulder.

this train is going to keep on rolling down the tracks. i have a readjusted, for the third time, weight loss goal of 190 lbs.! that is soo crazy to type, but i did and i will and i can, cause i will.

i have lost 28.5 lbs since January 4th. it took a total health melt down and fast food binge and work contest to get me started. i track it all! every single calorie that goes into my mouth and i do it with my normal obsessive nature. i love it. fitday rocks. i work out at least 30 minutes 5 times a week. i burnt 6000 calories riding my bike over 100 miles in the month of March in Chicago.

my clothes don't fit anymore and i love it. hey, this past weekend i picked up a medium sized Nike Dry Fit running shirt! yes, a medium!! a size i have not seen since high school. running shirt? not sure which is more unbelievable, me wearing a medium or me running?!? who knew.

the biggest reason for my success is the support of my wife. she has been on weight watchers plan this entire time and lost 20 lbs. her workout time is much more limited then mine, but together we have stuck to our new eating habits and pushed each other beyond our known limits. good times man!

i am telling you that you just need to get started. get on the train and stay on the tracks. you can find that healthy lifestyle and weight loss success you search for. you can do it!!! later.

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