Sunday, April 09, 2006

It Happens.....

The BINGE happens. I have been hardcore dieting since Jan 4th. I have had miss steps and I have fallen of the wagon, but always manage to get back on track, ASAP. In fact, most of the poor diet choices I have made were planned out. I mean, you gotta have some Chicago Pie (pizza, get you mind out of the gutter) every now and then.

The points is, last night I attended a Jimmy Buffett Party at a resort in the Burbs. Yes, Jimmy Buffett means frozen drinks and Corona Beers. Not real sure of my final number, but I estimated close to 5000 calories for the day. Who freakin knew a Mai Tai had so many calories???

Prior to the party I did three miles on the treadmill. Today I put in a 26 mile road bike ride. See, we can endulge or binge every now and again, but we got to be smart. Plan your binge. Enjoy the binge. Then get right back to it.

Anyone catch the Paris Roubaix Race on OLN today. Just finished watching it (TiVo) and WOW it was exciting . Poor freaking George Hincapie. His bike broke? How does that happen. His handle bars just broke and were dangling in the wind at 30 mph. He could do nothing, but fly over the top of the bike. I can not find any info on his current condition. I hope it is not too bad. Alright, I am out. Later.

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