Tuesday, April 25, 2006

That Time Of The Week.......Again

Man, as I have aged the weeks seem to fly by so fast. Heck, who am I kidding the years are zooming past me like seconds. It's Tuesday, which means me and the scale had a little face off this morning. The results were suprising to me, 201.4 was the number.

I did have a big ride and a couple of high intensity cardio sessions, but all week I felt a little chubby. Wow, I sound like a girl? This weight loss thing is weird?? However, it is true, I felt fat and sure I was going to gain a few pounds back, but I didn't .

I put in the work and got results. Sacrifice is the key. If you want to binge, eat out, drink, whatever it is, you got to follow it up with sacrifice. Get up early the next day and workout. Push your workouts past your perceived limits! Make it hurt. That is how you know you are putting in the time needed to meet your goals.

OK, enough of that. Work blows and will likely prevent me from riding this week. I may only get one ride in and that will be this weekend. How the heck am I going to ride a century May 7th? I may have previously answered this question for those paying attention.

Off to watch Chris sing classic love songs on AI5! Then my favorite show on TV, SCRUBS!! Later.

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