Friday, April 21, 2006

Picking Up the Pace....

Weather was outstanding yesterday here in Chicagoland. Temp in the 70s, sunny, and seemingly light winds. I couldn't wait to get home, gear up, and head out. So I did just that.

Strange thing is, that damn wind kicked up when I hit the farm land and was blowing right in my pie hole. It's all flat land out where I ride, but the wind makes it feel up hill at times. To counter the wind at 10 miles out I headed South, making the West blowing wind a minor cross wind nuisance. Ha, take that you evil wind doers.

The Ride Stats for you; 30.8 miles, 1 hour 49 minutes, 17 mph avg with 25.4 max, 83 avg cadence with 97 max, 135 avg heart rate with 156 max, and the best number of all 1375 calories sent packing. Plus, I even got a little sunburn on my arms.

I ate like a horse at dinner time, but still came in with a huge calorie deficiency for the day. That is the joy of working out.

Tonight it is a special Wife Birthday Dinner at the fancy shmancy Sullivans SteakHouse. Get your calculators ready and let the calorie counting begin. Later.

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