Thursday, April 06, 2006

Tough Week So Far.......

Working out this week has been tough. My body is really sore and may be trying to tell me something? Let me retrace my recent steps; Saturday = 14 mile mountain bike ride, Sunday = 3 miles on the treadmill, Monday = 600 meter swim followed up with 1.5 mile run, Tuesday = 1.25 mile dog walk, Wednesday = 30 mile road bike ride, and Thursday = Nothing as I actually had to work a regular day.

On my 30 miler yesterday my neck and shoulders were super stiff and it was uncomfortable. I have not swam since last winter so It could be soreness from getting back in the pool. I say that like I am or was some accomplished swimmer?? I mean I swam some a year ago when I tried to get healthy for 2005 Summer.

Needless to say my neck, left shoulder / arm area are sore today. This is an old issue for me as the left side is a chronic pain giver. Years of bad posture got me all out of whack. I think doing nothing today is the man cause for my legs barking at me so loud. I needed some type of recover ride, run, or walk after doing my all time one day high 30 road bike miles. I aint no Jeff Kerkove, but we all need to recover.

The diet has been solid this week, so far. Jimmy John's for lunch racked up over 700 calories, but I still kept my daily total around 2000. It's weird how I kinda feel guilty when splurge and eat out. It was only 700 calories, but deep down I think I wished I had my normal low fat sandwich and yogurt.

I am out. Later.

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