Saturday, November 06, 2004

"Royale with Cheese"

Alright players I did it up this morning. Took my recently new mountain bike to some trails and rode hard. It is hard work going up and down over logs, tree roots, and rocks. It is hard to control the bike, well atleast for a beginner. The key is to keep peddling no matter how slow and you won't lose your balance. I biked for an hour with periodic stops for water and AIR. My heart was racing and legs burning!! It was fun. Most of the Trail ran through the woods along a river. I will eventually post pics. I would estimate I rode 3 miles. I may go again tomorrow.

EATING: Well it was oatmeal for breakfast, salad and soup for lunch, and the Outback Steakhouse for dinner. My downfall was a dish of Birthday Cake Remix from the Cold Stone Creamery, the best ice cream place in the world.

Anyway, I am obsessing over this mountain biking thing. I need a ton of accessories to do this right. Like a hydration pack, mp3 player, cool riding clothes, ect............Buying the stuff is almost as fun as riding.

Peace out homie lover friends. Later.

Friday, November 05, 2004

"You dig it the most"

Alright, I almost blew off working out for wings and beers with co-workers. Did I make the right choice? Beers & Wings can be some serious fun. Anyway, hit the gym for a quickie. Legs a little sore so I passed on cardio and did chest & back with free weights, 3 exercises 10 reps each. I powered through quickly with light weights and no rest. I feel like I got the heart rate going??

EATING: No breakfast, just Starbucks Coffee with cream & sugar. Lunch was two Burger King plain hamburgers with a medium ice tea. Really had no choice as I didn't bring a lunch. Ate just prior to working out. Tonight will likely be dinner out with the wife at Panera Bread.

Tomorrow I hope to load the mountain bike up and head off to Palos Park for some serious mountain biking. Or, atleast as serious as a beginner can be. This place is suppose to be a top 5 place in Illinois for mountain biking and hiking! My new Specialized Hardrock Sport mountain bike has seen only two rides since I got it (10/28) AND I cant wait.

You know I feel good about working out but, I need a better plan or schedule. I want to do cardio, weights, and even swim. So many things and I need a plan, like every Monday swim 500 meters, Tuesday do cardio and abs.............ect. I will work on that.

Alright peeps, I hope to figure out the picture hosting thing this weekend and get some Eddie shots up. You will love him..................Well, that is if there is a you? Is anyone out there?

Later dudes.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Star Wars Episode III Trailer !!

I just saw preview for Star Wars Episode III Retun of the Stith on Access Hollywood and it was freakin awesome. I mean off the hook. It will be on for free starting Nov 8th. It is a must see for Movie Fans. Later.

The Battle is on............

Well hit the gym around lunch time. Did 20 (2.3 miles) minutes on the cross trainer / elliptical machine. Then I worked out Bicepts and Tricepts with free weights. Nothing big just two exercises, 3 sets of ten, for each. Just some light weight high rep no rest cardio stuff.


Breakfast was oatmeal and Stewarts Red Eye Coffee. Lunch was 2 Turkey sandwiches, Swiss cheese and low fat Mayo, bottle water and yes a package of M&Ms. Damn you fabulous little chocolate candies!! Dinner I plan on soup and salad with low fat toppings including tuna.

The wife is working late tonight, so its just me, Eddie, and Survivor. Later.


Well my first blog and first post. This is cool and the gang. If this takes off most will see I am an obsessive guy. I get hooked on stuff or hobbies. Like cleaning my car with expensive stuff I learned about & purchased via the internet. What is it now. MY WEIGHT. I bought myself a Specialized Hardrock Sport mountain bike and went back to the gym. I want to drop 20 lbs and possibly do a mini triathlon next year. So here is where I am at today, 31 yrs old, 6'3'', 228.5 lbs. I have always been athletic but with age comes pain. Anyway, I started Tuesday, 20 minutes (2 miles) on the Cross Trainer. Then immediately to the treadmill for 10 minutes (.75 miles). Then home. Today, it was a hard 45 minute bike ride through the nature park. Basically a flat limestone path, but still burned the legs. I hope the Chicago winter holds off so I can get a couple of trail rides in this weekend. Anyway, peace out. Later.