Thursday, November 04, 2004


Well my first blog and first post. This is cool and the gang. If this takes off most will see I am an obsessive guy. I get hooked on stuff or hobbies. Like cleaning my car with expensive stuff I learned about & purchased via the internet. What is it now. MY WEIGHT. I bought myself a Specialized Hardrock Sport mountain bike and went back to the gym. I want to drop 20 lbs and possibly do a mini triathlon next year. So here is where I am at today, 31 yrs old, 6'3'', 228.5 lbs. I have always been athletic but with age comes pain. Anyway, I started Tuesday, 20 minutes (2 miles) on the Cross Trainer. Then immediately to the treadmill for 10 minutes (.75 miles). Then home. Today, it was a hard 45 minute bike ride through the nature park. Basically a flat limestone path, but still burned the legs. I hope the Chicago winter holds off so I can get a couple of trail rides in this weekend. Anyway, peace out. Later.

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