Friday, December 29, 2006

This Just In....

Pizza Hut & All You Can EAT = BAD!

Wait, or is that gooooood?!?

Well, anyway, it sure WAS good!

Therefore, I must run and run fast.

I really have nothing. I just can not seem to get into this work thing. Can you? Do you enjoy what you do? The people you work with? The money you are paid?

Too many questions. I all really want to do is go home and run or ride or run then ride. I mean it is like 42 degrees outside! Later.

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Take.............

So I am like 33 some years old, but still love me some Christmas Gifts. This years take was pretty darn good. Don't you think so?

On a different front, I ran almost 22 miles last week. Along with the 30,000 holiday calories I likely ate up and I had a week of two Milestones!!

Merry Christmas to All!!!!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holidays = GOOOOOD Times

Our Festivus Party was a great success. The Festivus Feats of Strength 5K was not. Too much drinky equals no runny!

I really do not have much to say. We don't have our Christmas shopping done! We will spend more time in our car then with the family were are traveling to see (two families to visit and not near each other). I ran 20 fabulous miles last week before my weekend binging. Holiday Chocolates and Treats are every where I turn. The just ended season of Survivor was the best in years. Scrubs has been awesome. I have discovered red wine. I miss my bike. Finally, I think I will have some more chocolate!

For not much, that was too much. Later.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Goals Are Good.....

"I hope to log a long, for me, run today or tomorrow. I would like to top the 10k mark."

See my training log to the right and you can see that it was OVER 7 miles for me today. My longest run to date at a pretty darn good pace if I must say so myself! Now if I could just get to sleep! Later.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Goals Are Good.....

But first let me tell you this week has been ridiculous. I had a Gourmet Steak Dinner at Sullivan's Steak House on Monday. Then a Gourmet Steak Lunch at the Wildfire Grill on Tuesday. Yeah, I said lunch, it was our office Christmas Lunch Spectacular. I ate like there was no tomorrow and it was fabulous. Tomorrow, it will be Turkey and Wine as we celebrate our annual Festivus for the Rest Of Us Holiday Party. I love the Holidays!!

It has also been a great running week for me. I have had some really solid runs both distance wise and time wise. The legs are feeling really great. I hope to log a long, for me, run today or tomorrow. I would like to top the 10k mark. It could be tough with all that is going on.

Goals, oh yeah, I like goals. I believe that stating your goals is very important as it makes them REAL. I am a big fan of this. Normally I just blog something or mention something to my wife without making a big deal about it. I am still formulating my goals for 2007, but have decided I will post them here and make a big deal about them! Good times.

2007 will involve some major running goals. However, do NOT worry cycling world you are still my first love!! All this goal talk has got me jazed. Or is that my No Fat Triple Shot Grande Latte???

Anyway, how about a goal? I will run a Half Marathon March 18th, 2007.

The Festivus Party is Saturday. How about a Feats of Strenght 5K on Sunday. Who's with me. Please note, I am well aware that I am not the originator of above used Festivus and Feats phases.


Friday, December 08, 2006

"Dude, the numbers don't lie. Look I am older, but still cooler, better looking, richer, and faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for those who don't know, this is lance training with the 07 discovery cycling team. he is having a conversation of sorts with levi after just dropping him on a climb.

Too Much.....

Footlocker was running its 30% off total order Friends and Family Deal this past weekend and I rarely pass up an opportunity to spend money. The coupon just makes me feel that much better about the purchase!

Before I knew anything at all about running I purchased some Nike Air Max Solas last April from Footlocker (see comment about coupon). Nike shoes fit me, work for me, and I have always wore them. Mainly to play hoops though.

The Air Max is a neutral shoe with pretty decent cushioning. I have had no issues logging over 150 miles in them. Wait, then why the heck did I buy new sneeks? Anyway, I picked up these 06 Nike Air Pegasus, the number one rated shoe for 2006 according to Runner's World.

I ran two treadmill miles last night and they felt great. Very light and fast feeling. My issue is I think they are too flashy. Not reflective flashy, but style flashy. I am big fan of the Nike yellow and black look, but the sliver seems a bit much. They come in your basic white and blue too? Is it too much? Later.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Still Snowed In?

Well, I am not, but a major part of the Midwest is. Family in Southern Illinois is and has been since Friday without power. It is like freezing outside! I hope they are bundled up real good.

I have been running, mostly on my shitty treadmill in the basement. I bought this piece of crap about 5 years ago for the wife when she just had to have one. I knew she would NOT really use it, so we went on the cheap. It was something like $300 bucks at Sports Authority. It is a Pro Form whatever. She did not use it.

Now, it is I paying for being such a cheap arse. I have logged over 100 miles on that thing this past year. I used it to get my weight loss started and then cross train in the summer when time would not allow me to ride. It has always been hard to run on, but lately it has been making odd noises and I stain to log miles that I can run outside with no issues.

Yes, I am telling you I need to shop for a new treadmill. I am talking fitness club level treadmill. My initial research has lead me to believe that I will be spending at least $2000 for one. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Speaking of the gym, I made it to the YMCA yesterday for a run and some weights. Oh boy, running on that Nautilus treadmill sure was nice. I could have ran all day. I even managed some incline for 300 feet of climbing. It was a nice 3 plus miles. Hence, my new treadmill jones.

On the camera front the FujiFinePix F20 did NOT cut it and I returned it to Best Buy. Looks like it will be more cash for a Canon SD700. Does it ever end? Later.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Snow Day

After a day of Media Hype it finally Snowed. It wasn't 12 inches for Chicagoland, but it was around 5 inches of wet, messy, and hard to shovel snow. Basically, every thing was shut down yesterday. No Work or School for my household.

Does the snow mean an end to my running career?

Anyone know anything about point and shoot cameras? I had a nice one that was left out in a rain storm. As a result the Canon Powershot S500 now works when it wants to, which is very rare these days.

So, I picked up a FujiFlim FinePix F20se. The above picture was taken with it. Out of the box I am unimpressed with the pics it produces. I need a point and shot camera that takes good pictures in low light. Basically, one the wife can use to take millions and millions of pictures of the kid. The Fuji pictures are no where as clear as the ones the Canon took. Wait a minute..........why not just get another Canon! Brilliant!