Friday, December 15, 2006

Goals Are Good.....

But first let me tell you this week has been ridiculous. I had a Gourmet Steak Dinner at Sullivan's Steak House on Monday. Then a Gourmet Steak Lunch at the Wildfire Grill on Tuesday. Yeah, I said lunch, it was our office Christmas Lunch Spectacular. I ate like there was no tomorrow and it was fabulous. Tomorrow, it will be Turkey and Wine as we celebrate our annual Festivus for the Rest Of Us Holiday Party. I love the Holidays!!

It has also been a great running week for me. I have had some really solid runs both distance wise and time wise. The legs are feeling really great. I hope to log a long, for me, run today or tomorrow. I would like to top the 10k mark. It could be tough with all that is going on.

Goals, oh yeah, I like goals. I believe that stating your goals is very important as it makes them REAL. I am a big fan of this. Normally I just blog something or mention something to my wife without making a big deal about it. I am still formulating my goals for 2007, but have decided I will post them here and make a big deal about them! Good times.

2007 will involve some major running goals. However, do NOT worry cycling world you are still my first love!! All this goal talk has got me jazed. Or is that my No Fat Triple Shot Grande Latte???

Anyway, how about a goal? I will run a Half Marathon March 18th, 2007.

The Festivus Party is Saturday. How about a Feats of Strenght 5K on Sunday. Who's with me. Please note, I am well aware that I am not the originator of above used Festivus and Feats phases.


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