Saturday, December 02, 2006

Snow Day

After a day of Media Hype it finally Snowed. It wasn't 12 inches for Chicagoland, but it was around 5 inches of wet, messy, and hard to shovel snow. Basically, every thing was shut down yesterday. No Work or School for my household.

Does the snow mean an end to my running career?

Anyone know anything about point and shoot cameras? I had a nice one that was left out in a rain storm. As a result the Canon Powershot S500 now works when it wants to, which is very rare these days.

So, I picked up a FujiFlim FinePix F20se. The above picture was taken with it. Out of the box I am unimpressed with the pics it produces. I need a point and shot camera that takes good pictures in low light. Basically, one the wife can use to take millions and millions of pictures of the kid. The Fuji pictures are no where as clear as the ones the Canon took. Wait a minute..........why not just get another Canon! Brilliant!


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