Thursday, November 30, 2006

This just in....

Booze is bad for you. It leads to eating. I manage food well when boozing it up, but it is the hangover day that kills me every time. Like today, I am just eating and eating because I had some beers at a Work Function thing last night. Not that it matters as I weighed in this week, yes I still weigh in on Tuesdays, at 170 pounds. Well, 169.4 to be exact. A quick flashback to January 2006 will show my weight was approaching 240 big ones at that time. Crazy. What was I complaining about again?

SCRUBS is back tonight. Finally something to watch on TV. Great freakin show that I suggest everyone check out. Of course, I will TIVO it and watch it this weekend, so keep your Scrub thoughts to yourself.

Weird, but I am really looking forward to running tomorrow. That is if the evil doer of a snow storm doesn't take out the entire Midwest. Could the Media blow this thing up any more? I mean how many times do we need to see that lot of snow plow trucks and giant pile of salt?


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