Saturday, November 11, 2006


My goal was 50 minutes. As I approached the finish I did not think I would make that goal. However, this has been a year of exceeding goals for me and as I went full out crossing the finish the clock was just short of 50:00. I think it was 49:47, but I was moving so damn fast and breathing so damn hard I could be wrong. Official results will be posted online later.

Of course I got the Garmin Stats. Once again I carried my cycling computer in my hand as my one and only companion. See them HERE.

This race was tough. First the weather was cold and windy. Average temp was 36 degrees with winds at 19 mph average. Second this was my longest run ever by 2 miles. Third, this was only my second race and I have no idea what I am doing. Well, not totally true, but I am a running noobie.

The Garmin had me at 50 minutes for 6.33 miles and the splits break down like this:
  1. = 7:49
  2. =7:57
  3. =8:13
  4. =7:51
  5. =8:11
  6. =7:38
  7. =2:18

I thought I woud struggle in the middle with the distance being new to me. Miles 3 to 5 I paced off a very fit and steady running female. Unknowing to her, but she was a huge help to me. I passed her for good around mile 5. I am very happy with the finish. I felt like I left it all out there and ran my fatest mile at the end.

Today I will reward myself with a Grande PepperMint Mocha Latte from Starbucks!!!!!!! Later.

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