Monday, November 27, 2006

Turkey Wrap Up

Doesn't a Turkey Pita Wrap just sound delicious right now?!?

My Thanksgiving Holiday has come and gone way to quick. The past five were something else. I consumed Thanksgiving Dinner like it was my first and last ever. Man, it was soooo good. At the time I knew this was too be my first of two feast, but I still had 3 full plates of turkey goodness.

Thursday night the wife and I caught some type of nasty flu bug that laid us up for two days. Due to the sickness we had to skip the trip to her family's feast and headed home Friday afternoon. Friday,Saturday, & Sunday were spent chasing the little one around house and napping.

The weather has been off the charts for late November in the Midwest. Temperatures have been above 50 for days now, but yet my road bike sits idle in the garage. I do miss my bike. I wish I could ride my bike.

I did manage to log 12 miles running in the last 5 days and over 15 for the past week. Check out my training log over to the right. I am a big fan of stats, well my stats for my workouts and training. The log at is a do it all and track it all and as far as I am concerned a must for the serious fitness freaks. Check it out. Later.

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