Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I Double Dog Dare You........

No, I triple dog dare you to eat 12 mini KIT KAT bars then run 2.3 miles (8 min mile pace) on the treadmill. Wait, I don't dare you, I mean I DO NOT recommend you do this???? Cause I did last night and it was not pretty. KIT KATS GOOOOOOD!

Today after work I punished myself with a nice little run outside in the cold and wind. I managed 4.3 miles in 36 minutes. I battled through a toughie of a side pain at mile 1.5 that just wouldn't quit. The legs felt really good, but my pace was a bit slow. I hope to maintain a pace better then 8 minutes per for the 11/11 10k I am attempting.

I think there may be one, hopefully two, of those little minis around here some where. Later.

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