Monday, October 30, 2006

8 miles and counting....

I ran 8 miles last week in my three training runs. I am trying to build up to run a 10k on 11/11. I have never run more then 4 miles at one time, so this should be interesting. I figure I need to log 10 miles this week with maybe a big run of 5 miles or so. Looking at my schedule for the week it looks like Wed, Thur, Fri will be my best bets to run. Maybe today, as it is so darn nice out, but at last I am still at work and the clock is ticking.

My thought or guess is, if I can do 4 or 5 miles then 6.21 should be no problem. Uh, yeah, what he said. ??? Well, I bet I can do it, but can I do it in under 48 minutes? I better get to training. Later.

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