Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Eating Machine...........

Good thing my kitchen is filled with lowfat goodies. This was not true a year ago. It may be the only thing that saves me this fall/winter.

I can NOT seem to stop eating. I have been packing away 3000 calories a day for the past two months. Way more then when I was dropping weight like it was hot. No problem when I am riding 300 to 500 miles a month and running 2 to 8 eight miles a week. HOWEVER, I aint been that active the past two weeks.

So why am I eating so much? With my cycling season coming to an end I am confused about how much I should be eating. Will I be less hungry because I am less active? Or am I inadvertently training my system to think that 3000 calories is the right number. I need some nutritional help. We got any experts out there?

I just need to maintain my weight over the winter. Of course, I will still run on the treadmill and hit the gym once or twice a week, like last winter. Yes, I am being a big worry wart sissy boy about this eating and weight issue. BUT you have seen the pictures and I am NOT going back. I like being 177 lbs and fit.

Anyway, let me try to make myself feel better. I did another 30 miler on Monday. Ran 2.3 miles on the treadmill tonight in 19 minutes. AND I think I am going to attempt a 10k run in November as that will keep me training and motivated. OK, now I can go to bed. Later.

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