Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Coffee Geek

Work took me to downtown Chicago this morning. I was looking forward to this trip because I knew I would have some time for a downtown treat. I have kind of become a Coffee Geek, not a Coffee Snob though. I like Starbucks when served by someone who knows what they are doing. Right now I am brewing Peet's at home which is outstanding. And so on.......

I seem to be on a Latte kick. So, I paid a visit to a Chicago Must For Coffee Houses, Intelligentsia Coffee, for a Latte. It was a bit pricey and undersized, the medium was only 12 oz, but it was outstanding. Plus, I grabbed me a 1 lb bag of their signature dark roast, El Diablo, and look forward to brewing it once I finish off Peet's House Blend.

Coffee is sooooo gooooood. Later.

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