Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I think it was two winters past when I tried to lose some weight that I regularly did intervals on a spin bike at the Y. They were hard, but doable and a great workout. Well, last night I decided to put in some treadmill time, but go at it a bit different. You got it, SPRINT intervals on the treadmill.

I find running hard, but very rewarding physically. I feel like this running thing has really helped me advanced my bike fitness.

So, the SPRINTS about made me puke. Now, maybe it was the fact I ran after dinner, but whatever they kicked my butt. I only managed 4 intervals, 2 minutes running at 9 mph then 2 minutes recovery at 4.5 mph, for a total of only 8 minutes. I did combine some light running and heavy walking after the Sprints for a total of 3 miles and 30 minutes.

What is the point? Well, this is my blog and I am not required to have a point, if I am so inclined. Or it could be, get out and run!!

OR it could be DA BEARS!! Later.

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