Monday, October 02, 2006

BFNIC Century Complete

This was a great ride. The weather was for once, all it was forecasted to be..........Perfect!! Read all you need to know and more then you want to know over at!

My Stats are...................HERE!!

As you can see, if you so choose, my total exercise time is a bit off. No I was not out there for 70 hours. The last time I used the Edge 305 was for a quick run. After the run, I reset the Edge 305 to complete that work session. I accidentally started it back up for 2 seconds before shutting it off. When I started the timer for the ride it thought it was a continuance from that 2 seconds, which was last Thursday, thus 70 hours. You follow that? Me neither.

The rest of the stats are cool and the gang. 106 miles in 6 hours at 17.6 average mph. I didn't have the Super Human Legs that showed up with me for the North Shore Century, but it was a good ride.

No time. Gotta Go. Later.

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