Saturday, October 14, 2006


Big ride tomorrow. A small group of the BFNIC is meeting over at Starved Rock for a chilly early morning ride. Being there last weekend hiking I had a chance to notice that some of the roads running along the river and through the park are hilly. Yes, I think what I spotted could be classified as hills and not just rollers. Now, there are not any 5 or 10 or 20 mile climbs, but compared to my normal riding it should be fun. I have an untested 37 mile route mapped out and will depart tomorrow morning around 7am to meet up with the other guys.

Who will be the King of Rollers?

On the food front. I am still eating a ton, but whatever. I need to stop crying and enjoy it. I mean I have dropped 60 lbs. and remain very active. I can eat some freakin ice cream if I want too. AND Cake. I love Cake. I think it is time to let the thing go and stop tracking it too???

I plan to run a 10k in November to keep the training going so blah blah blah blah...........there are those dots again????.......Alright already. I am out. Need to hit the mall for some cold weather riding gear. Later.

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