Sunday, October 15, 2006


If this were golf we would have to wait for the thaw before starting our round. Well, and sun light. It aint and we didn't. I headed out nice and early this morning for a trip to Starved Rock. It was 26 degrees when I departed with bike and bike gear in hand. It was an hour trip to the starting point so the temps had a chance to warm all the way up to the 30s. It was cold.

Met up with a couple of fellow BFNIC'ers and we hit the road at 8am. It was 40 miles that involved a couple 10% plus grade climbs through the Starved Rock area. It was an awesome change from the flatlands I have been riding all summer. None of the climbs were significant in length but 3 or 4 really took off & straight up!! I still managed a 17.3 mph avg speed for the two hour ride. Plus, I hit 40 mph on a decent around mile 25ish. Good Stuff.

All the stats you need are.......HERE.

I tried out some new cold weather gear. Pearl Izumi Therma Fleece Tights kept my legs very warm. Under Armour Cold Gear baselayer and a Nike 10/2 Long Sleve Thermal Jersey kept my core well protected. Pearl Izumi Fleece gloves did a poor job handling the temps. My fingers were freezing. PI bootes kept the toes warm. Finally I had a PI Fleece cap that kept my head warm, but not my ears. It was advertised to cover the ears, but barely did. Yes, I am a Pearl Izumi FanBoy.

I mapped out the route for us and learned two things. Dead Ends Happen. AND do not have the meeting point, also known as the start/finish, located at the top of a climb with a 14% grade in it. Great for departing, but tough at mile 40! Later.

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