Sunday, October 08, 2006

The End Is Near, Part Two....

I know........I was bitching about the weather last week and last weekend ended up being Sunny and 70 both days. Well, this weekend was the same. Two most outstanding days. They are coming to an end, I just don't know when. Well, according to the end is Thursday with a projected high of 40 degrees............burrrrrrrrrr!

Saturday it was family fun at Starved Rock. Grandma was in town to watch the little one so, the wife, me and Eddie Vedder (the dog) loaded up the camping gear for a trip to Starved Rock. Yep, a one night camping trip! Hey, we are yuppie wannabees from the burbs!! Really though, we keep all the gear in a big Rubber Maid carrier so we just threw it in the car and took off.

Hiking on Saturday was great. I forgot to bring the all knowing Mr. Edge, but we did around 4 to 5 miles in 3 hours. Then it was hot dogs, beers, and smores back at the camp site. I don't know what the temp was last night, but it was freaking cold in the tent. Eddie slept in my sleeping bag and helped keep me warm. This morning I started up another fire to warm us up and brewed up some coffee in the men's bathroom. The only electrical outlet I could find! We had Starbucks Espresso blend while we literally sat on top of the fire! Good Times.

We arrived home fairly early today and the wife said, "Have a nice ride." I love this woman. She knows I get grumpy if I don't get any quality time with my bike. Plus, she had something going on later in the afternoon that would put me on baby duty (ha, i said duty). I got my time and she got her time. That is how we roll.

I rolled out in a new direction for this ride.............NORTH. Not sure why I never tired a Northern route before?? I found me a good one. Two of the roads were slightly busy with no shoulder, but over all it was solid. I even found some nice new rollers to train on. Check it out........HERE.

After the ride sure enough the wife headed out the door. No problem because I had Tivo'd the Bears game, Oh Wait, one small cute problem. I used my brains and spent the next two hours in the baby jail playing AND watching DA BEARS. I have plenty of thoughts on these BEARS, but at last I am tired from a fabulous weekend. Later.

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