Sunday, October 29, 2006


What a perfect birthday weekend. That is right I got an entire weekend. Hey, you only turn 25 once. Wait, Crap, I already mentioned I am 33. Poop.

So, I got the whole weekend. It went like this. Friday was work from home with my beautiful little baby girl as daycare options one and two called in sick. It was awesome. She is such an amazing little girl. We made me a Chocolate birthday cake in the morning. Then my Mom came up that afternoon and took us to dinner at the Outback Steakhouse. Steak, beers, and chocolate cake!

Saturday it was a trip to the Pearl Izumi Outlet store where I ordered me a new red Optik wind jacket. All day the wife had been mentioning I should eat light and she was in charge of dinner. Was she making dinner, ordering out, what could it be that she was sure I would be most over joyed with??? Well, we arrived home and her Mother was at our house ready to babysit. We were going to see a Movie then Dinner at Sullivan's Steakhouse!

We use to be big time movie goers seeing one or two movies a weekend. We would see all the big flicks on opening weekend. The last movie we went to was The 40 Year Old Virgin, so this was most exciting. We decided on The Departed and it was very good. I think we could have seen the worst movie ever and thought it was very good, but really it was very good.

Dinner at Sullivan's was over the top outstanding! You gotta try the lettuce wedge salad if you ever get a chance. This place is fast becoming my new favorite Steak Place.

As I reflect on the weekend it appears it was a 13,000 calorie blowout and that may be low. Let us not worry to much. I ran 3.67 miles in 30 minutes on Saturday and finally got back on the road bike this morning. It was cold, but it felt good. I was sluggish, but it felt so good. It was 34 miles at a 18 mph pace. Man I had missed that road bike.


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