Saturday, September 30, 2006

BFNIC Century............

Yeah, it is tomorrow. We are a group of roadies who hang out over at We have kinda formed our own Cycling Club. Tomorrow is our first Self Planned Big Ride. El Presidente has mapped us out a route and we will roll out the BFNIC Paceline at 8am sharp!!

I got all my stuff ready. Plenty of food and water as we are self supporting. Got the Arm and Leg Warmers out for the morning part, at least. Weather is looking real good with a forecast of 70 and SUN. Freakin Awesome for October in Chicagoland.

This ride will likely NOT be a hammer fest, but more of a social event. There are several new riders slated to show. I am really looking forward to this. A fancy Map and Stats post will follow the ride. Later.

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