Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The End Is Near.......

I am really dreading the end of my riding season. I live in the Midwest and Winter is a part of my life and has been for 33 years. That doesn't mean I have to like it. We just passed the first day of fall and I am already depressed about the "Off Season."

With that being said, yesterday was a beautiful day for late September. I had originally planned a late afternoon 20 mile mountain bike trail ride, but the sun and light winds were calling for the Giant TCR C2. It was 70 degrees with minimal fall winds of 7 mph.

I headed out to Silver Springs State Park and back. This route actually has some hills, ok, rollers that provide a nice change from my normal flat 30 mile training route. I put in 48 miles at 18 mph in under 3 hours. Not to shabby for this noob. This was a real nice ride and likely my only one before this weekends Big BFNIC Ride.

The Ride.


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