Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Who Knew?

Back in college, say 1995, I purchased a Mr Coffee Espresso maker for my girlfriend. It was here birthday and I thought she really liked coffee/expresso drinks. I think we used it once or twice.

Fast Forward to 2006, the girlfriend is my wife of 9 years and this Mr Coffee machine has been nothing more then a kitchen counter top decoration. It has always been out on the counter, but I can not tell you the last time we used it. I would say it was back in college if I had to guess.

One more thing, I now love me some coffee and coffee drinks. I mean really LOVE me some. So, I looked up the instructions online for making Cappuccino and went to work last night after dinner.

I used Starbucks freshly ground Sumatra bold beans for the espresso. It took me two tries to get the milk to "Froth" properly. Let me tell you it was outstanding!! We even have these big oversized cappacino cups that we never use, but this Saturday the wife and me will be having a nice Venti Non Fat Cappuccino!!!! Who knew? Later.

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