Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Running Friends.........

I have a question for you. As you may know I am roadie. A cyclist who has logged over 2000 miles and dropped 60 lbs this year. When the weather is crappy and I need to exercise the stresses of life away I run. Either on the basement treadmill or the fancy ones at the YMCA.

For something different I am participating in a 5k run Sept 24th with a good friend of mine. What do I need to do these last two weeks to prepare. I do not want to overt rain or under train and really have no clue how to prepare for a running event.

I am in shape. I can run three miles. My goal is 24 minutes, which may be a bit much considering I have only run outside twice this year. Plus, I have some cycling stuff in the mix too.

I ran 2 miles outside Saturday in 16 minutes. Tonight it was 2.5 miles in 22 minutes on the treadmill. Wednesday and Thursday I would like to ride to prepare for a Century (100 miles) on Sunday. Friday would be an off day and Saturday would be a light ride or run.

My question is what should my plan be next week. Obviously, I need to get at least one hard race like effort in of 3.1 miles, but when? Help me prepare. Later.

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