Monday, November 20, 2006

And the winner is......

Well, it was not me, but I did a have a nice result. This was the third race, second 5K, of my short running carreer. As some may know I started running more seriously this fall as the weather turned cold and windy. I am still a cyclist at heart, but this running thing has been fun.

My goal for the 2006 Chili Chase 5K was 23 minutes. That would be a minute faster then my first 5k. Based on my finish for the first back in September, the miles I have logged since, and the little speedwork I have done here and there, I thought this was doable.

This was a big race for a 5K with over 400 runners lined up at the start. It was cold, windy and I was slightly tight and sore. I started near the front, say 10 rows deep. I started with a good buddy and co-worker of mine, who had a goal of 29 minutes. We quickly departed ways as it was crowded and I needed to get me some space.

I went out fast. I needed a 7:25 pace to make my goal and figured if I didn't get the first mile in fast I would have no chance. Just short of mile one my freaking shoe lace started flapping in the wind. Crap, I even tied it in a double knot!! Do I keep running? Will I trip and break my face? CRAP!! And F&@K!!!

As I ran on I took my gloves off and put the Garmin Edge I carry in my pocket. Then I found a curb, stopped for what seemed like forever, and tied the shoe lace. Only one knot to minimize the time damage.

I was off, but with no gloves because they were tucked in my pocket and I couldn't afford any more delays. I managed not to panic and NOT to run at super human speed to make up what was surely a minute delay. I reached the mile 1 time split and heard "7:10" which made me happy.

Next up was a turn uphill into the wind and an evil doer of a side stitch. From the begining things were off for me "GI" wise. I had water rolling around in the stomach and loud animal like growling coming from the belly region. I think me had to much protien the night before?? I contined on, powering up the hill, passing other runners, and grunting all the way. At the two mile marker no one was calling out splits. I knew I was slowing, but just how much was unclear.

Miles two to three presented more running into the wind and the hope the next turn would be the last turn. This mile felt really slow for me. I had a little kick at the end, but it was nothing like last weekends 10k finishing kick. I approached the finish and heard 23 called out just prior to crossing the finish line.

0:23:07.9 is the official time. That is a 7:24 pace for 65th place out of 413 runners.

The Garmin Edge had me at 3.15 miles with the following Splits:
  1. 7:10
  2. 7:22
  3. 7:30
  4. 7:07

See all the stats HERE.

My buddy finised just under 27 minutes and put forth a very solid effort for his first ever race. It was a good day. Later.

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