Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Still Snowed In?

Well, I am not, but a major part of the Midwest is. Family in Southern Illinois is and has been since Friday without power. It is like freezing outside! I hope they are bundled up real good.

I have been running, mostly on my shitty treadmill in the basement. I bought this piece of crap about 5 years ago for the wife when she just had to have one. I knew she would NOT really use it, so we went on the cheap. It was something like $300 bucks at Sports Authority. It is a Pro Form whatever. She did not use it.

Now, it is I paying for being such a cheap arse. I have logged over 100 miles on that thing this past year. I used it to get my weight loss started and then cross train in the summer when time would not allow me to ride. It has always been hard to run on, but lately it has been making odd noises and I stain to log miles that I can run outside with no issues.

Yes, I am telling you I need to shop for a new treadmill. I am talking fitness club level treadmill. My initial research has lead me to believe that I will be spending at least $2000 for one. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Speaking of the gym, I made it to the YMCA yesterday for a run and some weights. Oh boy, running on that Nautilus treadmill sure was nice. I could have ran all day. I even managed some incline for 300 feet of climbing. It was a nice 3 plus miles. Hence, my new treadmill jones.

On the camera front the FujiFinePix F20 did NOT cut it and I returned it to Best Buy. Looks like it will be more cash for a Canon SD700. Does it ever end? Later.

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