Friday, December 08, 2006

Too Much.....

Footlocker was running its 30% off total order Friends and Family Deal this past weekend and I rarely pass up an opportunity to spend money. The coupon just makes me feel that much better about the purchase!

Before I knew anything at all about running I purchased some Nike Air Max Solas last April from Footlocker (see comment about coupon). Nike shoes fit me, work for me, and I have always wore them. Mainly to play hoops though.

The Air Max is a neutral shoe with pretty decent cushioning. I have had no issues logging over 150 miles in them. Wait, then why the heck did I buy new sneeks? Anyway, I picked up these 06 Nike Air Pegasus, the number one rated shoe for 2006 according to Runner's World.

I ran two treadmill miles last night and they felt great. Very light and fast feeling. My issue is I think they are too flashy. Not reflective flashy, but style flashy. I am big fan of the Nike yellow and black look, but the sliver seems a bit much. They come in your basic white and blue too? Is it too much? Later.

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