Monday, July 14, 2008

RAIN. the report....

first, much thanks to Team Psimet for guiding us to and from RAIN via the Starship Psimet. Mrs Psi and Little Psi were troopers and provided us excellent SAG. it was much appreciated.

this was my third RAIN. while my mileage was about the same as last year, i think the training & riding efforts have been better, so i was feeling good going into the 160 journey.

we woke up early to some nasty looking skies. very dark with consistent bright flashes of lightning. rain at RAIN....i thought....this should be fun. we arrived at the start early and got a nice spot near the line. eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die. with the start of RAIN the rain started.

miles 0-40:
fast & flats. twitchy & itchy. we were rolling with the lead group. riders were flatting left and right. to my right Psimet. to my left it NVR (hey, anyone seen NVR?). shortly after Psimet flatted i decided to drop to the back of the lead pack. despite the conditions (you know, the obvious need to take it easy) riders were all over the road and very impatient. i felt like this could get ugly and wanted none of it. i hung on to the back of the fast pack until mile 25. it was just time to get real and slow it down a bit. this was about the time the rain stopped. the skies remained ominous though. i rolled solo into the 1st stop.

miles 40-60:
we rolled out fully loaded (me, Psi, JT1, Scummer, & Voldemort). the sun was coming out and one could feel the heat & humidity rising. it was going to be very muggy. we pretty much stuck together during this stretch. it was these miles where Psi admitted he was hurting. maybe we shouldn't have rushed him out of the 1st stop :innocent:.

miles 60-90:
rolling into and around Indy we could see a lot of standing water and flooding. we just missed some nasty weather for sure. this section was fun. Scummer power pulled, then went off roading, then more power pulling, then a flat. i rode into lunch slightly ahead of our group. like last year i was really needing the break...........and Oreo cookies.

miles 90-130:
Oreo cookie power. after one samich and 12 Oreo cookies i departed the lunch stop solo. like Psi mentioned this always seem to be the toughest stretch. you pass the 100 mile mark, but realize you have 3 hours to go. the heat and humidity of the day are peaking. it just gets nasty. a couple things kept me going; i hit the century mark at 4 hours 53 minutes, a sub 5 hour 100 & my fastest ever. looking for and dreaming of route 40 kept me going. searching the DMB catalogue in my head for that song Psi & i sang at the rollout, kept me going.

miles 130-160: I can ride my bike with no handlebars. No handlebars. No handlebars.
the pain cave was sucking me in as i rolled into the last rest stop. most of the riders there appeared to be in the same fashion. i didn't stay long. i didn't eat much. i did snag a brown sugar poptart for the car ride home!
i pretty much rode the second half of this ride solo. only getting passed by 2 riders. around 150 i started computer watching. "damn you Garmin Edge, click those freaking miles off already." at mile 158 a lady blew past me on the descent into Richmond. i had passed her group just prior. i thought good for her. no i didn't. i jumped on it and descended into town catching her as she celebrated prematurely. i didn't take the foot off the gas until the turn to the finish line. i got issues.

Eat, drink, and be merry.
For tomorrow we die.
Eat, drink, and be merry.
For tomorrow we die.
'Cause we're Tripping Billies.

my third RAIN was epic. they all have been in some way or the other. from first timer, to perfect conditions, to the pain cave. i will be back next year.

congrats to everyone. way to fight the mind and body Psimet..................AND WIN.

MB Edge Stats

my ride time = 7h 55min for a 20.2 mph avg.
total time was just over 9 hours.

*edit* unofficial slash official time is 9 hours 3 minutes. that puts me 151 out of 911 finishers.


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