Friday, August 01, 2008

652 Club....

or not. after running my mouth about knocking out 700 cycling miles for July i hit the wall. not the wall, just something more like a knee wall. mentally and physically i am tired. it is an odd tired though. doesn't feel like the late season cycling burnout.

i just cant party like it's 1999.

with four off days behind me i still aint right, but better. i can feel the IT Band trying to sneak up and bite me. damn you 2007 Chicago Marathon! i see more stretching and a new foam roller in my future.

all the crying aside, i will be back on the bike today, tomorrow and the next. it is what i do when i can do it.

July Rides: 15
Avg. AHR: 128.7
Total Time: 35:43:08
Avg. Speed: 18.3 MPH
Total Distance: 651.9 Mi
Total Cal. Burned: 32110


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