Thursday, August 14, 2008

Double Ds

the Dairyland Dare is this Saturday. this is my first time doing this ride. i have done hilly rides before; the 2007 HHH (200k & 12000 feet of climbing) and a couple trips to Cross Plains, WI this season (62 miles & 6000 feet of climbing), but saying "before" is the problem.

the DD 200k is advertised to bring 133 miles and 14,988 feet of climbing. it is suppose to be relentless. short and steep all day long. nothing of significant length, but did i mention short and steep. i am guessing 10% to 15% inclines will be slapping me in the face all day.

the thing is i have not done any hill training or hilly ride of significance since June 29th. my area is flatter then flat. corn field flat. sod growing flat. flat as the rear tire on my last ride flat.

i am in trouble. it will hurt for sure.

that being said there are still open spots for this ride. get over to the DD site, register, and get your butt to Dodgeville, WI for some fun with the BFNIC gang. fun being left open to interpretation of course.


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