Monday, June 30, 2008

calm and steady....

after yesterdays 63 miles with 6400 feet of climbing i have decided that my climbing needs more work. trying to follow The Goat on this route of his further drove home the fact.

i was all over the bike on these climbs. wasting way to much energy and effort. i was up. i was down. i was rocking. i was grunting. i was spitting. i was suffering. i was like that muscle guy at your local gym using the free weights while sounding like a heard of elephants. no one wants to work out next to that guy.

it all can be corrected. i will follow and study and practice.

all was not lost on this ride. i did feel strong at the end and i did see a 54 mph max speed on the last descent of the day.

how about some numbers talk? despite being on a love boat quarantine for 13 days i am near 500 miles for the month of June. the sky is the limit for July. this week is the crucial week for me and RAIN. one day, one way, 160 miles is fast approaching.


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