Tuesday, June 24, 2008

this is weird...

since the Udder Century, back on 6/1, i have had a small cycling related issue. we shall refer to it as The Issue. it is a small thing, but a thing that could slam the brakes on a season. while i sort of have it under control i have to laugh when i think about what i am now doing and what i have done to fight The Issue.

to date i have applied Balmex, Neosporin, Baby Powder, Destin, Wet Ones , Equate Triple Antibiotic Cream, Chamois Butt'R, & Assos Chamois Creme on and around the area of The Issue. i have never ever been so aware of and paid so much attention to this particular area The Issue calls home. never, ever, ever.....

i have treated The Issue, but only time off will vanish it for ever. this is not in the cards for me. i am also treating what i believe is the cause, old lycra & possible poor fit.

i ain't messing around with the lycra either. out with the shorts and in with bibs. the best of the best, Assos. when it is all said and done i will have two pairs, the Equippe and the top of line F.13 S2. take that Mr The Issue. toss in some lower end every day bibs and i will be lycra short free forever.

as for fit, the only thing i changed over the winter was my saddle height. i jacked it up just a bit. i do not think this is the issue, but may make some small changes in saddle placement. small increments are the key. i really think the culprit is worn out chamois.

i think i had a point here????? oh yeah, this is weird. i thought that as i looked up and into the bathroom mirror while partaking in my new post ride ritual. wipe the area with a wet paper towel, then a Wet One, then stand with legs spread and allow to air dry, then 20 to 30 minutes of stretching and recovery, then a shower with more cleaning of the area, then more standing and drying, then application of cream & baby powder.

don't even get me started on the trimming.


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