Sunday, November 02, 2008


note to self; self DO NOT purchase two iPhones at 9pm the night before a 10k running race. i was up pretty late playing with my new toys.

the Canal Connection in lovely Utica, IL really was a great race. it is pretty much all downhill along the Illinois River. i ran this with two buddies who i have been best friends with for 25 years.

i smoked them in case you were wondering.

i didn't have enough miles and/or fitness to run sub 5o minutes like i wanted to. being sick and tired might have contributed to that too. around the half way point i was at least 40 seconds off sub 50 pace. at mile 4.5 i just decided to go go and finished with some sub 8 minute miles.

in the end it was 10k in 50:19 for an 8 min 06 second pace. that put me 175 out of 533 and 15 out of 31 in the men 35 to 39 age group.

the legs felt really good, but i just didn't have enough miles in me to run at a faster pace. however, i am good with this effort.

now, back to my iPhone playing. later.

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