Saturday, November 01, 2008

10k prep ?

so, today in preparation for running a 10k race tomorrow i rode my bike for the first time in two weeks. yeah i know, WTF?

i got notice yesterday from the Psi that he and a couple other Bicycle Heaven Riders were planning a ride for this morning. plus, the Lazy Goat was coming out of hiding and it was rumored to be decent weather wise. how could i not show.

it was good to be back on the bike and riding with a group. just four of us, but it's November and this time of the year 4 riders equal a group. despite my rapidly declining fitness the effort was decent and just what i needed. next season, i think Bicycle Heaven would be a great place for some Saturday group rides.

tomorrow is 10k race day. i am running with two friends. the same two who talked me into the 07 Chicago Marathon then dropped out (maybe i should let that go? :) ) and the same two who ran the Soldier Field 10 mile race with me back in May. i think we are all battling with some issues from under training (not me), injury (not me), sickness (not me) and all the above (me me me). however, the run is in Utica so at least i get to see some Fall foliage.

speaking of running. i know these two dudes who dabble a bit. they bad mouth running somewhat, but i think they see its benefits. they could and should run some type of race with me this Fall. for a measly $18 bucks they could run the Oswego Gobble Hobbler 10k next weekend. it is flat and fast. if you preregister you get a lovely commemorative long sleeve shirt. maybe they are scared of all you runners? i don't know??


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