Monday, September 15, 2008

Running Love..

i had to run this weekend. i like running, but i am not ready for the transformation yet. these legs of mine still have some cycling goals to reach before closing the book on my 2008 season. luckily, it seems after three days of rain we are free of it in the Chicagoland Area for a while.

cardiovascular wise i felt like i could run all day. well, most of the day. OK, maybe an hour. with me the key is how the IT and Hamstring hold up. will that left leg fall off or not? it is tight, but i still have it with me. so that is good.

preparing for the upcoming Psimet Cycling Invitational could be tough this week. the shorter days and cold temps aside, i got this work thing going on that wants to suck all my free time. damn you work thing. i may just roll into the ride with some 12 days off the bike. of course, i will still bring my hammers.


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